Wazup Running Club

Discover the Wazup Running Club: Hong Kong’s Connected Crew

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with diverse cultures, impressive landmarks, and delicious cuisine. But another aspect of this city is quickly gaining momentum: its running scene. One crew, in particular, stands out – the Wazup Running Club. This group of like-minded individuals has banded together to support each other and create a meaningful running community.

The Founding of Wazup Running Club

In November 2019, five brothers and cousins – Andrew, Colin, Brian, Ambrose, and Jason – came together to found Wazup Running Club. The crew leader Andrew had already completed ten marathons and several other races. When he became a certified running coach, he knew he wanted to start a club that could connect with like-minded runners, challenge themselves, share experiences, and embrace healthy lifestyles.

The Meaning Behind “WAZUP!”

The crew’s name, Wazup, has a special meaning in their hearts. It’s a phrase they have been saying to each other since childhood, representing a sense of connectedness, support, and trust. To them, it’s more than just a greeting; it’s a way of life. They want to spread this WAZUP! value to build a meaningful running community.

The Crew’s Running Schedule

Wazup Running Club has a packed schedule, with four weekly runs throughout Hong Kong: Track Tuesday, Urban Wednesday, Trail Saturday, and LSR Sunday. Here’s a brief rundown of what each run entails:

Track Tuesday: The crew meets at HV/Kowloon Tsai to train on the track. It’s the perfect opportunity for runners to improve their speed and technique.

Urban Wednesday: The crew meets at Central Pier 9 for a city run. This is an excellent way for runners to explore the city’s bustling streets, get a mid-week workout, and socialize with like-minded individuals.

Trail Saturday: The crew explores Hong Kong’s beautiful trails on Saturdays. The trails are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get in touch with nature. The crew encourages runners to direct message them for more information.

LSR Sunday: The crew meets at Island/Tolo for a long slow run on Sundays. This is the perfect opportunity for runners to build their endurance and train for longer races.

Wazup Running Club – In A Nutshell

If you’re a runner in Hong Kong looking for a crew to run with, consider joining Wazup Running Club. This group of like-minded individuals is dedicated to creating a meaningful running community and would love to welcome you into their crew. Connect with them

Running in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a runner’s paradise, offering many running opportunities for locals and tourists. The city is home to many beautiful parks and trails. Various running events are hosted throughout the year.

Discover the Runner’s Paradise

Hong Kong is a runner’s paradise with its stunning natural scenery, high-rise buildings, and bustling streets. The city offers a diverse range of running routes, from urban areas to country trails, all within close proximity. Runners can enjoy panoramic views of Victoria Harbor on Hong Kong Island or the lush greenery of Tai Tam Country Park in the south of Hong Kong. The city also has an extensive running path network along its coastlines, such as the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade or the Repulse Bay Coastal Trail. Besides, the city’s subtropical climate allows runners to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year, with mild temperatures in winter and early spring and hot and humid conditions in summer and autumn. With various options, running in Hong Kong is an experience that can satisfy the needs of any runner.

Running Events in Hong Kong

Hong Kong hosts several events throughout the year, attracting local and international runners. One of the most famous events is the Hong Kong Marathon, held annually in January. The event features several categories, including a full marathon, half marathon, and 10 km race, and attracts thousands of runners worldwide. The event takes a route showcasing the city’s iconic landmarks, such as Victoria Harbour, the Peak, and Central District. The city also hosts the Hong Kong Trail Running Series, which comprises several races on various trails throughout Hong Kong. The series provides a platform for runners of different skill levels to challenge themselves and experience the city’s natural beauty. The Race the Night series also takes place on weekday evenings and features short, fast-paced races in different locations throughout Hong Kong. These events not only provide an opportunity for runners to challenge themselves but also allow them to immerse themselves in the city’s culture and connect with like-minded individuals.

Other Running Crews in Hong Kong

Wazup Running Club is not the only running crew in Hong Kong. The city is home to many other running groups, including the Prism Runners, the Harbour Runners, SD Runners, Foodsport, and Madone Crew; these crews offer different running experiences and are a great way to connect with other runners in the area.

Prism Runners is just one of the many running crews in Hong Kong. Prism Runners believes in building a stronger, more inclusive running community in Hong Kong by supporting and collaborating with other crews. The city boasts a vibrant running community with crews such as:

Hong Kong Harbour Runners is a running crew that meets every Tuesday and Thursday night in the city’s heart. They have a wide range of running abilities, from beginners to advanced runners, and they welcome anyone who wants to join their community and run the city’s iconic routes.

SD Runners is a running crew that meets every Monday and Wednesday night in various locations across Hong Kong Island. They have a diverse group of runners, from casual joggers to marathon runners, and they welcome anyone who wants to join them for a run.

Foodsport is a running crew that combines their love of food and running. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday night to run around the city and organize food-related events for their members. They are a fun and social crew that welcomes anyone who wants to run and eat through Hong Kong.

MadOne Crew was founded in April 2014 in Hong Kong. The story began with a short-lived run crew named MotorRunner to help Nike for promoting their gear in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013.