Voltwomen was founded by Julie from Copenhagen, Nanna from Copenhagen and Clemence from Paris in November 2013.

Voltwomen was formed out of a desire to support each other in pushing our physical and mental barriers. It started as a conversation between three people experiencing a similar blockage when accessing those last few percents of performance.

Looking at our male friends and seeing fewer barriers we wanted to challenge and support each other as women. The conversation grew as we ran harder and shared our perspective —or rather, we found it widely echoed others’ experiences too, like a dormant force ready to be unleashed.

In the process, we re-connected to the running legends of the past—Switzer, Benoit, Loroupe — and recapped contemporary inspirations and founded a movement of amazing women whose voices have become louder every day. Across ages and experience — gender too — we see inspiration and motivation roam.

Voltwomen is not a group but a platform for pushing women in sport. There is no pace or group, but people decide what they want to run as they run.