Vie Run

VIE RUN: The Global Running Crew That’s Redefining the Joy of Running

In the heart of Vienna, Austria, an extraordinary running crew was born in June 2014 – VIE RUN. This dynamic group of individuals didn’t set out to create a running club with strict rules and elitism; instead, they aimed to celebrate the joy of running, mutual support, and a global spirit. As you dive into their inspiring journey, you’ll discover how VIE RUN has become more than just a running crew – it’s a family, a community, and a source of boundless fun.

The Birth of VIE RUN: From Nike to a Global Phenomenon

VIE RUN’s inception traces back to a Nike running project for young women preparing for Vienna’s Women’s Run. The crew’s core members, including Marie, Caro, Verena, Nati, Barb, and Lena, were trainers for this project. Together, they trained, ran, overcame injuries, won medals, and celebrated victories. Their bond grew stronger, resembling that of a close-knit family.

When Nike decided to conclude the running project, the group faced a choice. They could either disband or continue running together. The choice was clear – they wanted to run and have fun, without the constraints of a formal organization. Thus, VIE RUN was born.

From Vienna to the World: A Global Community

VIE RUN’s journey didn’t stop in Vienna. Verena’s move to Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Half-marathon marked a significant turning point. The crew decided to run under a team name, VIE RUN, and designed their first shirts. As the crew expanded, so did their reach. They welcomed runners from Austria, Germany, Canada, Spain, England, and the USA. VIE RUN’s doors were open to everyone, and there were no membership fees or barriers.

What truly sets VIE RUN apart is its global composition. This crew represents the diverse tapestry of humanity, uniting runners from around the world. Their motto is simple: “All paces welcome.” Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just starting, VIE RUN embraces you.

Run, Connect, Celebrate: VIE RUN’s Unique Approach

One of the crew’s hallmarks is their regular Wednesday runs, starting from their running base in Vienna. These open runs cover 6-8 kilometers, catering to runners of all abilities. After the run, the crew congregates at their favorite pub, forging bonds that extend beyond the pavement.

But VIE RUN isn’t just about public runs. The crew also organizes smaller, more intimate runs through their Facebook Group, where members share a special camaraderie. Here, it’s not about elitism or exclusive memberships. VIE RUN is real, authentic, and open to everyone who shares their love for running.

More Than Medals: The VIE RUN Spirit

VIE RUN’s philosophy is built on three core pillars: mutuality, acceptance, and fun. They’re not chasing fame or likes on social media, but they do have a soft spot for running bling – those coveted medals. To them, it’s a tangible symbol of their dedication and passion.

In a world where running can sometimes feel like a solo endeavor, VIE RUN stands as a shining example of the power of community. Their journey started with a shared love for running, but it evolved into a global family where every member is celebrated, and no one is left behind.

VIE RUN – In A Nutshell

VIE RUN isn’t just a running crew; it’s a testament to the global appeal of running and the power of community. Through mutual support, acceptance, and pure fun, they’ve redefined what it means to be a part of a running crew. Vienna’s running culture is undoubtedly richer with the presence of VIE RUN, and they continue to inspire runners worldwide to lace up their shoes and join the fun-loving family on the run.

So, whether you’re a visitor looking to explore the city on foot or a local seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, Vienna’s running culture is ready to embrace you. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, from marathons to fun runs, this city has it all. Join the global running family in Vienna, and discover a new way to experience this enchanting city – one step at a time.

Pounding Pavements in Vienna: Exploring the Vibrant Running Culture of the Austrian Capital

Vienna, the elegant Austrian capital, is a city renowned for its imperial history, stunning architecture, and artistic heritage. But beneath its opulent façade lies a thriving running culture that’s as vibrant as the city itself. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just love a casual jog, Vienna has something special to offer. Join us as we lace up our running shoes and explore the unique blend of tradition and modernity that defines running in Vienna, all while discovering the city’s hidden gems and exciting running events.

Vienna’s Scenic Running Routes: The City as Your Playground

Vienna’s running culture is a reflection of the city itself – a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. As you jog through its historic streets or along the banks of the Danube, you’ll sense the city’s rich history. But you’ll also be immersed in a global community of runners who have made Vienna their home.

Vienna’s streets and parks are a runner’s paradise. The city’s abundant green spaces, picturesque canals, and historic boulevards provide a stunning backdrop for every run. For a leisurely jog with an imperial touch, start at the majestic Schönbrunn Palace and follow the tree-lined paths through the palace gardens. You’ll be in the company of runners from around the world, all mesmerized by the Baroque grandeur.

If you’re looking to explore Vienna’s artistic side, take a run along the Danube Canal. This route offers a glimpse of modern street art and vibrant murals, contrasting beautifully with the city’s classical architecture.

For a tranquil escape from the urban hustle, head to the Vienna Woods. With a plethora of trails that crisscross through the forest, you can find your own peaceful route while breathing in the fresh alpine air.

But perhaps the most iconic of Vienna’s running routes is the Ringstrasse, the grand circular boulevard that encircles the city center. As you trot along this historic path, you’ll pass by the Vienna State Opera, the Parliament, and other architectural marvels that make Vienna famous.

Running Events in Vienna: Where the World Runs Together

Vienna doesn’t just provide a beautiful backdrop for individual runs; it also hosts a range of exciting running events throughout the year that bring the global running community together.

The Vienna City Marathon is the jewel in the city’s running calendar. Held annually, it’s a fast and scenic race that showcases Vienna’s most iconic landmarks. Thousands of runners from all corners of the world gather to test their mettle on this beautiful course.

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, the Vienna Night Run is a unique experience. As the sun sets, thousands of runners flood the illuminated streets of Vienna for a 5K charity run, with proceeds going to a good cause.

Vienna also plays host to the Wiener Prater Run, a beloved event that takes participants through the legendary Prater Park. It’s an opportunity to run beneath the famous Giant Ferris Wheel and experience the whimsy of this historic amusement park.

The Running Community of Vienna: A Vibrant Tapestry

Vienna’s running scene isn’t just about VIE RUN. The city boasts a diverse range of running crews, each with its unique flavor. From the competitive and elite groups to those who focus on social runs and fun, Vienna’s running culture thrives. Whether you’re seeking speed or solidarity, Vienna has a crew that suits your style.

In the spirit of collaboration and unity, many of these crews come together for special events and races, emphasizing that the running community in Vienna isn’t just about competition; it’s about building connections and celebrating the joy of running together.