Vie Run

The base of us met through a running project from Nike for young women who’d train in groups together for Vienna’s Women’s Run. Marie, Caro, Verena, Nati, Barb and I, Lena, were trainers for these women and each of us led their own training group. We had events together, run every single day for a few months together, got injured together, earned medals together, celebrated together, we just had the best time ever. It felt like family!

So when Nike decided to let that running project go, we decided, that we’d like to continue to go running with our friends and have fun while doing so, but we didn’t have a name or a logo back then. We just wanted to run and have fun. Then Verena moved to Copenhagen and we met up with her there to run the Copenhagen Half-marathon. In the weeks before the half-marathon, we decided that we’d like to run under a team name, came up with the name VIE RUN und designed our first shirts. We didn’t have a logo back then. I came up with the design a few months later. Yeah and that’s basically how we started. More and more of our running friends joined us, we found a running base and then we started to make our runs more open to the public. And now we‘re about 30 people from Austria, Germany, Canada, Spain, England, and USA.

On every second Wednesday, we’ll meet up at our running base and go for a run from there. Afterwards, we’re hanging out at our favourite pub. These runs are open for everyone who’d like to join us. And then we’re also organizing runs in our Facebook Group, but these runs are only for people we know better and who go with our spirit. VIE RUN doesn’t stand for an elite running group, you can only join when you’re faster than XXX, or some brand produced group where nobody knows each other.

We are real, we are authentic, we love running and we do it for the fun of it, not for fame or likes. But yeah, we also do it for the bling – come to mama, you beautiful medal.