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Exploring the Vibrant Running Culture of Mexico City with Umbali Mexico Running

Running is not just a physical activity; it’s a way of life that connects people worldwide. It’s a great way to discover new places and cultures and, most importantly, meet new people. The running culture in Mexico City is no exception, and it is rapidly gaining popularity. With diverse terrain and a perfect climate for running, it’s no wonder that runners from all over the world are flocking to this vibrant city to experience its unique culture and run alongside like-minded individuals.

The Origin Story of Umbali Mexico Running: From Seven Runners to Over 150

One of the running crews in Mexico City is Umbali Mexico Running Crew. Founded in 2014 in Costa Rica by Adrian Romero, an Endurance Elite Coach, and Sebastian Castro, an Endurance Specialist Coach, this crew has grown from seven to more than 150 runners and is still expanding. The word “Umbali” means distance in Swahili, the official language of Kenya, where many elite athletes come from. The name reflects the crew’s commitment to helping runners achieve their distance goals, whether a 5k or an ultramarathon.

Running Across Borders: Connecting with Other Runners and Cultures

Umbali Mexico Running Crew is led by Fernanda and her father, certified Adult Running Coaches by the RRCA. The crew has two main groups located in the south and west of Mexico City, with additional runners in Monterrey, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas. Umbali Mexico Running Crew is about creating a community of runners with the same passion for running, and they welcome runners of all levels, ages, and goals.

You have to have a goal

Training with Umbali Mexico Running Crew provides a personalized training plan and monthly follow-up for each runner at only 1000 pesos. They run five days a week, three days at the Bosque de Tlalpan on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and two days at Villa Olímpica on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Runners are grouped based on their paces, which vary from 6-6:30 km to 4:00-4:30 km, so there is a place for everyone to run.

The distances covered by the crew vary depending on each runner’s goals. They have interval sessions, race tracks, and long-distance runs, so there is a challenge for every runner. The crew’s philosophy is all about mutuality, acceptance, and fun, with the overarching goal of uniting runners worldwide.

Discover with Umbali Running Mexico City

Mexico City has an exciting mix of modern and ancient architecture, museums, and cultural events. Running through the city’s streets offers a unique way to experience it all. The crew often explores different parts of the city, running through parks, plazas, and historic neighbourhoods. Running with Umbali Mexico Running Crew provides a great workout and an opportunity to discover the city in a way that few tourists can.

For those looking to experience more of the running culture in Mexico City, Umbali Mexico Running Crew recommends checking out other crews in the city, such as Running Mafia, Dash Running Squad, Clique Runners, Exodus, Mile Run Crew, Juanson Running, Husky Running Crew, MNKS Run Crew, or Dromo Run Crew. These crews offer unique experiences and opportunities to connect with other runners in the city.

Other Running Crews

As Umbali Mexico City radiates its vibrant presence through the urban landscape, it forms just one facet of the constellation of running crews shaping the city’s culture. The running community in this city flourishes as a diverse ecosystem comprised of various collectives united by a shared passion for conquering the pavement. As the sun sets over the bustling streets of Mexico City, these running groups continue to illuminate the cityscape, each casting its unique glow and enthusiasm. While Umbali Running Mexico City stands as a symbol of unity and shared goals, it’s heartening to recognize that it is a part of the broader tapestry of running communities, all contributing to the city’s vibrant and multifaceted running culture. So, whether you’re an individual runner seeking companionship or a dedicated athlete searching for a crew that aligns with your values, Mexico City’s running scene offers diverse options to cater to every preference.

Mexico City’s Energetic Running Community In the heart of Mexico City, where culture and history intertwine, a vibrant running community known as Tempo Running Crew has emerged. Founded in 2020 by Samaria, Eric, and Josue, this tight-knit group began as friends united by their love for running. Samaria, the crew’s pro pacer, Eric, a sports specialist, and Josue, the charismatic leader, each bring unique qualities that shape the crew’s identity. From its modest beginnings, Tempo Running Crew has grown to over 90 members, embodying the city’s spirited running culture and fostering inspiration among runners of all ages and genders. With iconic routes that traverse the bustling Paseo de la Reforma and tranquil locations like Ciudad Universitaria, Tempo’s dynamic training sessions cater to diverse paces and goals, creating transformative experiences where joy and achievement unite every stride.

Beyond its physical nature, running weaves threads of unity, passion, and shared purpose. Amidst the dynamic tapestry of Mexico City, The Gang Running Club is a testament to this unifying power. Established in July 2021 by Jair and propelled by the visionary leadership of captains Diego and Vania, this crew fosters a community of recreational runners who experience the exhilaration of running while nurturing profound connections and personal growth. Running is a universal language with no boundaries, bridging gaps and erasing societal divisions. The Gang Running Club epitomizes this ethos, binding individuals from diverse backgrounds into a cohesive tapestry of shared aspirations. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the crew gathers for invigorating track sessions, pushing each other to exceed limits and reach new speed and endurance levels. Wednesdays are dedicated to exploring the serene trails of Chapultepec Forest’s 2nd Section, immersing in nature’s tranquillity. Thursdays, bring the Friends & Family run, a relaxed occasion followed by camaraderie and post-run delights of tacos and beer.

For runners in Mexico City, the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and discover the city is abundant. Enter the Kudos Run Crew, established in April 2020 by Joselo, Elias, and Majo. This free-running crew is fueled by a passion for cultivating the running culture on the city’s western side. Their mission? To ignite a love for running in people of all skill levels and empower them towards a better life. Inclusivity is their cornerstone, welcoming individuals regardless of experience, weight, or background. The Kudos Run Crew offers a diverse range of runs, from easy 5-30k jaunts to challenging tempo runs, track intervals, and long runs spanning 12-60k. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, they’ve got a run tailored to you. Meet them at Paseo Arcos Bosques, a serene park serving as the launch pad for your morning run. The park is bounded by trees and offers a peaceful setting to stretch, socialize, and embark on an exhilarating city run.

Dash Running Squad, a dynamic running community in Mexico City, has evolved from a modest training group into a close-knit family of over 50 dedicated runners under the visionary leadership of founder Sergio. What began as a team quickly transformed into a diverse and inclusive family, united by a shared passion for running and a commitment to each other’s success. The crew’s strength lies in their unity, bringing together individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities who find common ground in their love for the sport. Dash’s welcoming ethos mirrors the multicultural fabric of Mexico City, fostering an environment of mutual support and acceptance. The squad’s philosophy centres on running for the joy of it, prioritizing personal growth, camaraderie, and pushing boundaries together. With a busy schedule that traverses the city’s iconic landmarks, Dash claims the streets as their playground, infusing the urban landscape with their exuberance. Dash stands out as a testament to how sport can build bridges and uplift individuals, celebrating victories on and off the track in a world focused on competition. Dash Running Squad embarks on their collective journey as the sun rises over Mexico City, conquering challenges and celebrating the vibrant spirit of running through unity and shared dreams.

Running Mafia, founded in Mexico City by Erick in March 2019, challenges the perception of running as a solitary pursuit by creating a closely-knit family of over 100 members. Departing from the impersonal nature of traditional running clubs, Running Mafia fosters a human and supportive community. The crew prioritizes personalized growth, offering tailored training plans by Coach Beto that cater to individual goals. Beyond physical training, members extend emotional backing through joint runs and social media interactions, providing a robust support system for running and life challenges. Emphasizing self-improvement over competition, Running Mafia encourages members to break personal barriers and elevate themselves alongside others. The crew’s comprehensive approach includes Axicon Sports and Care, a team of physiotherapists and masseurs, and a dedicated nutrition team, creating an all-encompassing network of assistance. Gathering twice a week, Running Mafia transcends a mere running club, uniting individuals in a familial community centred around a shared love for running and the transformative power of connection.

Clique Runners, founded in Mexico City in May 2019 by Pato, Gaby, Mariana, and Rorra, transcends conventional running crews. More than a team, it’s a diverse community bound by a passion for running and a commitment to inclusivity. Captain Pato’s steadfast leadership fosters unity, while Gaby and Mariana inspire discipline and personal growth. Rorra’s infectious motivation aims to democratize running. With a strong ethos of unity and support, Clique Runners rejects the idea of a mere crew, embracing runners of all levels to share experiences and dreams. Their focus extends beyond miles, promoting camaraderie and inspiration. By conquering challenges, they empower both themselves and the community. Through diverse routes and weekly routines, Clique Runners explore Mexico City, leaving a mark on local running culture and inspiring a global wave. This narrative of transformation and universal connection beckons others to join their rhythmic journey of unity and potential.

Exodus Running Community, established in Mexico City in 2016 by Gabriela and Guillermo, is a vibrant running crew driven by the ethos of personal growth, camaraderie, and breaking boundaries. Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the community encourages members to transcend their limits, much like a journey of self-discovery. Running becomes a metaphorical migration, bonding members through shared effort and progress. The crew celebrates diverse backgrounds and skill levels, fostering a sense of unity where victories and setbacks are shared experiences. Its international membership underscores the universal appeal of running and human aspiration. By running through the multifaceted streets of Mexico City, Exodus Running Community invites participants to not just traverse the city but become woven into its fabric, experiencing history, culture, and unity. This community offers a transformative adventure for both avid runners and curious travellers, painting a vivid journey through the heart of Mexico City’s urban landscape.

In the heart of Mexico City, a vibrant and united community of runners known as DROMO Run Crew has been creating waves. Founded by Sindo and his wife, this tight-knit family isn’t just a running group – it’s a symbol of resilience, mutual support, and shared triumph. With a small start in 2016, DROMO now boasts over 150 members, all driven by a passion for running and meaningful connections. Beyond the sport, DROMO is a hub of laughter, banter, and camaraderie that defies traditional running club norms. Sindo sheds light on the quirky yet bonding rituals that unite runners. DROMO’s mission transcends borders, showcasing Mexico City’s uniqueness and inspiring athletes worldwide. From the bustling metropolis to tranquil landscapes, DROMO’s ethos of unity and shared goals resonate across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the running community.

Mexico City pulses with energy, and at its heart beats the MNKS Run Crew, an inspiring community of runners established in 2017. Founded by Javier, Pablo, and Luis Miguel, this crew emerged from two Nike projects and conquered the Boston Marathon, with 11 out of 12 members qualifying. Beyond their impressive achievements, MNKS Run Crew embodies unity and camaraderie, evident in their diverse weekly running schedule that traverses the city’s iconic landscapes. From early morning runs in Chapultepec Park to exhilarating sessions on Reforma Avenue, each stride is a testament to their shared passion. With a global reach and more than 40 members, this crew’s story resonates with runners worldwide, showcasing the unifying power of running.

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