Tide Runners Hamburg

The Tide Runners: More than just running, promoting community and camaraderie

The Tide Runners, Hamburg’s most prominent independent running crew, are not just about running together but also about promoting a sense of community and camaraderie among its members. With a new weekly route, the group runs everything possible in Hamburg, from the cathedral and the Wandelhalle to the Dockville grounds. The slowest runner sets the pace, and the run never starts without a broom wagon to ensure the safety of all runners.

The Tide Runners’ philosophy: Crewlove and inclusivity

The Tide Runners are a group of runners who like to run together and discuss various topics, including world events, football, culinary delights, training, nutrition, footwear, and more. However, the most important topic is Crewlove! The group also offers options for those who want to take it slower or get off after the halfway point.

The Tide Runners’ activities: Running in Hamburg and beyond, including interval training and trail running

In addition to running in the city, the Tide Runners also climb the surrounding mountains on irregular weekend dates with the Trail Runners and participate in ambitious outrages like the Berlin half marathon and the Amsterdam marathon. Weekly interval training is also a firmly established after-work routine for some Tide Runners.

The Tide Runners’ events: Midnight Half Hamburg

The Tide Runners Hamburg have already organized a half marathon at night in the heart of Hamburg, which took the runners through St. Pauli, along the Elbe to Övelgönne, back via the Portuguese quarter, and through the bawling party people of the Reeperbahn to the finish. Best times were not a priority here, but having fun while completing 21 kilometres, including two shorts or 20 squats.

The Place to be: Superbude St. Pauli

For those interested in joining Hamburg’s most extraordinary running crew, the Tide Runners meet every Wednesday at 9 pm at the Superbude St. Pauli. The group runs at a slow pace of around 6 paces to unite different types of runners, but there are options for those who want to run faster or slower. The Tide Runners run about 15 kilometres weekly, with at least one option to get off or shorten the route.

Running in Hamburg

Running is a popular activity in Hamburg, with various running routes available throughout the city. From the scenic waterfront along the Elbe River to the lush parks and gardens, Hamburg provides a picturesque backdrop for runners of all levels. In addition to the Tide Runners Hamburg, there are many other running groups and clubs in the city, providing opportunities for social running and group training sessions.

Running Events in Hamburg

Hamburg also hosts several running events throughout the year, ranging from 5K fun runs to full marathons. One of the most popular events is the Hamburg Marathon, which occurs every spring and attracts thousands of participants worldwide. Other notable events include the HSH Nordbank Run, the Airport Night Run, and the Fish Market Run. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a beginner, Hamburg offers plenty of opportunities to get involved in the local running community and participate in exciting events.

Other Running Crews in Hamburg

Besides the Tide Runners, Hamburg also boasts other running crews that cater to different interests and abilities. For example, Run Fleet Hamburg, one of the oldest crews, the Elbmeile Runners focus on running along the Elbe River, while the Alsterrunning crew runs around the Alster Lake. Whatever your style or preference, there is likely a running crew in Hamburg that fits your needs and personality.

Within the dynamic running landscape of Hamburg, one crew stands out—the Fat Boyz Track Club. Founded in 2021, this group of runners has quickly gained recognition for their unique qualities and inclusive approach. Every Tuesday at 7:00 pm, you can find them at Heiligengeistfeld/St. Pauli, where they come together for invigorating track sessions. On Fridays and Sundays, they embark on tempo runs and long runs, pushing their limits and supporting one another every step of the way. Their philosophy sets the Fat Boyz Track Club apart—come as you are. They embrace the diversity of paces and abilities, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome, no matter their level of experience.

Since its inception in 2014, Run Fleet Hamburg has embraced the power of diversity and the strength it brings to the running world. Regardless of skill level or background, this inclusive crew opens its arms to all who share a passion for running. Gatherings for regular group runs are a hallmark of the Run Fleet experience, providing a supportive environment where friendships blossom, and milestones are achieved. Beyond their shared runs, Run Fleet organizes a vibrant array of events, from thrilling races and heartwarming charity runs to social gatherings that celebrate the camaraderie of the running community. Collaborations with other running crews within Germany and across borders further strengthen the unity and connection that defines Run Fleet Hamburg.

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