The Republic

Jordan Crosby, Lindsey Fell, and Scotty Lash set out to start a community that would help people train harder, get faster, and push people beyond what they thought they could achieve. Founded on the principles of smarter training and a supportive environment, they built a club that has helped runners find their fast. Together everyone pushes each other to achieve PRs, score podium finishes in some of the biggest local races, and even help support some runners on their journeys towards first-time Boston Qualifying marathons.

Every week the Republic is privileged to have runners from all over Los Angeles join us for evening workouts or early morning long runs, but for our most committed members, we honour them with “blckshrts.”

Blckshrts are earned, never given. These special black jerseys are awarded to members who show consistency in training, dedication to the crew, and the desire to always push oneself forward.

Everyone is welcome in this crew. It’s not about your speed or your skill, it’s about a desire to improve. You are your own best competition and we are your teammates. So regardless of your personal goal, we want to help you find what it takes to achieve it.