The High Panters (THP)

The High Panters (THP) is a Singapore run crew that was founded in 2012 when the founders Eugen and Kenneth signed up to do an urban obstacle course race and wanted to raise awareness and funds for lesser privileged communities, using running as a platform to do so. The name comes from a time when the founders played rugby together in high school, and after training one evening pulled their shorts up high to their waists and performed the Haka. There is a professional rugby club called The Otago Highlanders, and combining the two, the name The High Panters was born.

The High Panters’s primary focus is to build community – within our own group, the local running community, and communities in need.

Building a community within our own group: we are an open running group that has weekly Sunday sessions which anyone can join! No, you do not need to “lose weight first” or “get fitter first” before joining us. That’s the whole point! Come just as you are and take your journey together with us, one step at a time. We structure our runs so that everyone starts and ends together but you choose how fast or how chilled you want to take your own pace, and then we go grab some grub together after.

Building community with the local running community: we take part in races regularly and can be seen out and about at various locations such as MacRitchie, Botanic Gardens, and the Sports Hub to name a few. It doesn’t matter which other run club or crew you are from, everyone is welcome to join our sessions.

Building community with communities in need: when most people think of the word “charity” they think of “donation”. While monetary funding is indeed important, we believe that education and awareness is the most important step. As such, we focus our main efforts on promoting awareness for our adopted charities and educating the public on who they are and what they do.

We run by time so everyone starts together, you run at your own pace so no one feels pressured to wait for anyone or that they’re holding anyone back. At the halfway time mark everyone u-turns no matter where they are and head back to the start point, ending around the same time.

So come join us on our weekly Sunday runs or say “Whassup” when you see us out and about!