The Corners Run Crew

In October of 2019, after years of being inspired by the success, and let’s face it, super-rad vibes of pioneering international crews who built their following on inclusivity and social connection, founder and crew captain, Colin asked, ‘Why not here in St. Catharines?’.


The Corners Run Crew is a collection of individuals in St. Catharines, Canada who come together each week to run, sweat, and connect socially. The crew’s mantra is “Moderate Pace – Positive Space”, which serves as an invitation and a reminder that the group is inclusive and open to all abilities, experiences and backgrounds.

Although The Corners are in their infancy, they have built some very positive momentum, with great turnouts on weekly runs, entering local races together, attending yoga classes, and raising money for local charity. No attitudes, only love.

Colin has been running for nearly 20 years, and in that time, has been seeking new ways to build an inclusive community within the sport. He brings a positive and supportive philosophy to the crew, encouraging people of all abilities and backgrounds to define their own goals and successes.