Discover the TEN FIFTY Running Crew – a group of running enthusiasts that transformed from university swimming friends to a diverse and inclusive community of runners in Minsk. Founded by Vlad in 2013.

Originating from their swimming workouts that often involved 10 sets of 50 meters, this crew started their journey by just keeping fit and staying connected through running. But it quickly became more than just a way to exercise; it became a passion for exploring their city and building a supportive community.

Running in Minsk

Minsk, with its mix of modern and historical architecture, is a beautiful place to run. As they pound the pavement, they take in stunning views of the river, the bustling streets, and unique neighborhoods. Running has allowed them to explore the hidden gems of the city, uncovering new routes and discovering the beauty in areas they wouldn’t have found otherwise. With the rise of running tourism, the crew knows how to take advantage of their city’s unique features to attract runners from all over the world.

Join the crew

Joining the TEN FIFTY Running Crew is not just about running, it’s about being part of a team. Their team spirit from their swimming days still lives on in their running sessions. They inspire and support each other, regardless of experience or fitness level. If someone falls behind, there is always someone to run with and encourage them along the way.

The community

Running is more than just a way to stay fit; it’s a way to connect with others who share the same passion. And the TEN FIFTY Running Crew is the perfect example of a community that comes together through their love of running. As they run together, they share experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. From competing in marathons to taking part in local charity events, they create unforgettable memories that they cherish for a lifetime.

Connecting with other runners

In conclusion, the TEN FIFTY Running Crew is a running community that not only keeps fit but also has fun and connects with others. With their passion for running and their love for their city, they embody the spirit of running culture. Whether you are an experienced runner or a novice, there is a running crew out there for you. So why not join one today and start your journey towards a healthier and more connected lifestyle?