Tempo Running Crew

Tempo Running Crew: The Journey of a Remarkable Running Community

Uniting Passionate Runners in the Heart of Mexico City

Mexico City is known for its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, rich history, and thriving running scene. Amidst the bustling streets and captivating landmarks, a remarkable running crew called Tempo Running Crew has emerged, creating a tight-knit community of runners who inspire each other to reach new heights. With their unique qualities, infectious spirit, and shared love for running, Tempo Running Crew embodies the city’s vibrant and energetic running culture.

The Birth of a Community: Tempo Running Crew

Founded on August 21, 2020, by Samaria, Eric, and Josue, Tempo Running Crew started as a small group of friends brought together by their shared passion for running. Samaria, lovingly known as Samy, quickly became the pro pacer of the crew, always ready to lend a helping hand. Eric, a sports and physical education specialist, took on the role of coach and supporter, bringing his expertise to guide the team. Josue, affectionately called Cheche, emerged as the crew’s leader, injecting laughter and warmth into every run, making everyone feel like part of the family.

Igniting Passion and Encouragement: Tempo Running Crew’s Inspiring Journey

From humble beginnings to a vibrant community of over 90 individuals, Tempo Running Crew has transformed from gathering friends into a powerful source of inspiration. Bound together by their love for running, crew members uplift and motivate one another to achieve their goals, conquer personal records, and embrace the joy of running as a unified team. Inclusivity lies at the heart of Tempo, welcoming runners of all ages and genders, highlighting that running is more than just competition—it’s about finding pure satisfaction and exhilaration in every stride.

Running Through the Pulse of Mexico City: Tempo’s Iconic Routes

As the week begins, the crew eagerly assembles on Monday mornings at the Pista Plan Sexenal, ready to embark on invigorating runs through the beating heart of Mexico City. With energetic footsteps and unwavering determination, Tempo Running Crew’s rhythmic cadence echoes along the iconic Paseo de la Reforma every Wednesday, captivating locals and tourists alike. Embracing the approaching weekend, the crew seeks solace in the tranquil embrace of nature, exploring scenic locations such as Ciudad Universitaria, Ocotal, and Cuemanco, where the city’s vibrant spirit harmonizes with the serenity of the surroundings.

Pace, Trails, and Joy: Tempo’s Dynamic Training Sessions

Tempo Running Crew understands that every runner has their own rhythm and goals. Regardless of individual preferences, the crew celebrates diversity by running at a pace that suits each member, ranging from a speedy 3 minutes and 40 seconds per kilometre to a comfortable 7 minutes per kilometre. Their training sessions encompass various activities, from invigorating interval training and thrilling race tracks to empowering long runs and captivating trail adventures. Each run becomes a transformative experience where crew members challenge their limits, discover their true potential, and immerse themselves in the sheer joy that running brings.

Running through the Enchanting Streets of Mexico City

Mexico City, with its dynamic blend of ancient and modern, provides an exhilarating backdrop for the running adventures of the Tempo Running Crew. The city’s diverse neighbourhoods, captivating architecture, and iconic landmarks offer various running routes for crew members to explore. From the historic Paseo de la Reforma to the lush greenery of Chapultepec Park, every street promises a new and exciting experience.

Racing Towards New Adventures

The running culture in Mexico City goes beyond casual runs and training sessions. It pulsates with excitement and anticipation for various running events that unite the community. Tempo Running Crew actively participates in these races, marathons, and other running-related activities, showcasing their endurance, determination, and unbreakable spirit.

One notable event that ignites the city’s running fervour is the Mexico City Marathon. This prestigious race annually attracts runners from around the globe who gather to conquer the challenging course and relish the electric atmosphere. Tempo Running Crew members, equipped with their unwavering support for one another, have made their mark in this event, embodying the resilience and unity of their community.

A Tapestry of Running Crews

While Tempo Running Crew is a shining example of a running community in Mexico City, it is not the only crew that adds vibrancy to the city’s running landscape. The metropolis has many running crews with distinct personalities, training techniques, and aspirations. These crews and Tempo Running Crew form a tapestry of running communities contributing to Mexico City’s dynamic and thriving running culture. They exemplify the global nature of running crews, where individuals from different backgrounds come together, forging friendships and embracing the transformative power of running.

Exploring Mexico City’s Dynamic Running Culture with Umbali Mexico Running Crew Running transcends borders, uniting people in a shared journey of discovery. Mexico City’s vibrant running scene is a testament to this global connection, drawing enthusiasts to its diverse terrain and inviting climate. Among the city’s running communities, Umbali Mexico Running Crew stands out. Originating in Costa Rica in 2014, founders Adrian Romero and Sebastian Castro cultivated a crew that has grown from seven runners to over 150, united by the Swahili word “Umbali,” meaning distance. Led by certified coaches Fernanda and her father, the crew spans multiple locations, fostering a welcoming environment for runners of all levels to achieve their goals.

Running transcends the boundaries of mere physical activity, transforming into a lifestyle, a shared passion, and a universal language of unity. Amidst the vibrant cityscape of Mexico City, The Gang Running Club emerges as a beacon of this transformation. Established in July 2021, by the visionary Jair and guided by captains Diego and Vania, the crew forms a close-knit community of recreational runners who harness the power of running to nurture connections, personal growth, and a sense of belonging. The act of running itself defies barriers, creating a shared experience that transcends cultural and societal differences. The Gang Running Club embodies this philosophy, weaving a tapestry of inclusivity and camaraderie that extends beyond the pavement. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the crew unites for invigorating track sessions, pushing one another to achieve new heights of speed and endurance. Wednesdays find them exploring the serene trails of Chapultepec Forest’s 2nd Section, where the tranquility of nature harmonizes with their passion for running. Thursdays, the Friends & Family run offers a relaxed environment, culminating in post-run celebrations complete with tacos and shared laughter.

In the heart of Mexico City, runners have a gateway to connect and explore through the Kudos Run Crew. This vibrant community, founded by Joselo, Elias, and Majo in April 2020, is dedicated to nurturing the running culture on the city’s western side. Their goal is simple yet profound: to instill a love for running within individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels. The Kudos Run Crew stands for inclusivity, embracing runners regardless of experience, weight, or origin. Whether you’re inclined towards easy runs covering 5-30k, tempo runs spanning 5-30k, track intervals ranging from 200 to 1600 meters, or long runs stretching from 12 to 60k, they cater to every runner’s aspirations. Convene with the crew at Paseo Arcos Bosques, a picturesque park that serves as a tranquil starting point for your morning run. Nestled amidst trees, the park offers an idyllic space to limber up, connect with fellow runners, and embark on a thrilling city run.

Dash Running Squad, a transformative force in Mexico City’s running scene, is more than just a team – it’s a family. Born from a modest training group, this vibrant community of over 50 runners, guided by founder Sergio, embraces diversity and mutual support. Dash’s true strength lies in their shared passion, weaving together individuals of different backgrounds and abilities into an unbreakable bond. Their inclusive philosophy mirrors the city’s multicultural essence, fostering an environment of acceptance and encouragement. With a simple yet profound mantra of running for the love of it, Dash transcends competition, prioritizing personal growth and the exhilaration of pushing limits as a united front. As the sun graces Mexico City’s streets, Dash Running Squad’s rhythmic footfalls echo their shared commitment to conquering challenges and embracing the joy of running together.

Running, often a solitary endeavor, finds new life in the communal spirit of Running Mafia. Founded in March 2019 in Mexico City by Erick, this crew emerged as a haven for those seeking a more personalized and supportive running experience than traditional clubs offered. Beyond a mere team, Running Mafia embodies a human touch, offering personalized training plans crafted by Coach Beto, tailored to individual aspirations. But the bond goes deeper: members extend unwavering encouragement through joint runs and online platforms, uniting in moments of triumph and struggle, both on and off the track.

Clique Runners, born in May 2019 in Mexico City through the collaboration of Pato, Gaby, Mariana, and Rorra, stands as a beacon of transformation in the world of running crews. Going beyond traditional definitions, this dynamic community unites diverse individuals around a shared love for running and a powerful commitment to inclusivity. Captain Pato’s steadfast leadership ensures unity, while Gaby and Mariana inspire discipline and personal growth. With infectious motivation, Rorra aims to democratize running. Embracing runners of all abilities, Clique Runners erases the lines between crew and family, inviting everyone to partake in the joy of sharing experiences and aspirations. Their focus transcends mere miles, highlighting camaraderie and inspiration. By conquering challenges together, they not only empower themselves but also the larger community. Through exploration of varied routes and weekly routines, Clique Runners explores Mexico City, leaving an indelible mark on local running culture and sparking global inspiration. This narrative of transformation and universal connection beckons all to join their rhythmic journey of unity and untapped potential.

Founded in Mexico City in 2016 by Gabriela and Guillermo, Exodus Running Community is an invigorating running crew that emphasizes personal growth, unity, and pushing boundaries. Taking inspiration from its namesake, the group encourages members to go beyond their limits, transforming each run into a metaphorical journey of self-discovery. As participants train together, their collective effort forges deep connections that extend beyond the physical. This diverse community values achievements at every level, fostering a sense of mutual support where triumphs and challenges are shared. The international composition of the group highlights the global allure of running and human aspiration. By weaving through Mexico City’s dynamic streets, Exodus Running Community offers more than just a run; it presents a chance to become part of the city’s story, unraveling layers of history, culture, and togetherness. For both dedicated runners and curious explorers, this community promises a transformative experience through the heart of the city.

In the heart of Mexico City, the DROMO Run Crew has taken the running scene by storm. Founded by Sindo and his wife, this close-knit running family has grown from a small group of friends to over 150 dedicated members. Beyond the sport itself, DROMO represents a haven of friendship, positivity, and shared experiences. Through their electrifying gatherings and unique traditions, DROMO redefines the concept of running clubs, creating an atmosphere of unity and ambition. Sindo humorously shares anecdotes of runners’ idiosyncrasies, highlighting the essence of togetherness that defines DROMO. Not content with local recognition, DROMO aims to put Mexico City on the global running map, showcasing the city’s creativity and spirit through running. As the crew’s influence spreads, their story serves as a testament to the power of shared journeys and the enduring strength of community.

Step into the energetic world of MNKS Run Crew, a tight-knit community of runners that calls Mexico City home. Founded in 2017 by Javier, Pablo, and Luis Miguel, this crew emerged from two Nike projects with a shared aspiration: conquering the Boston Marathon. With an impressive 11 out of 12 members achieving this goal, MNKS Run Crew became a symbol of determination and unity. Their weekly running routine takes them through the heart of the city, from early morning trails in Chapultepec Park to the iconic Reforma Avenue. With a diverse and passionate membership exceeding 40, MNKS Run Crew exemplifies the power of running to connect, inspire, and create a global movement.