Team Walid

When we go back to 2014 and before, the culture of running in Lebanon was mainly related to a few numbers of athletes and certain social elites in the country. On the other hand, this year marked the start of a unique team of runners consisting of beginners, people with no evident running talent, professionals, and athletes. This team is called Team Walid.

The story began when Walid started inviting his friends to join him while running in the suburbs of Beirut. One friend joined then the other joined…until they formed a group of dedicated runners who decided to join the 542 program that was managed by the Beirut Marathon Association BMA in 2014. Walid was the coach of the team (this is why BMA named the team by his name) who succeeded in attracting the attention of the biggest number of people who love running or would like to learn how to run, to be able to participate in the marathon.

Whether they are fast or slow they can enjoy running with NO rules.

542 season ended after the marathon that year, but the team continued. They did not want to stop, and more people were inviting their friends. The diversity of the team members make everyone feel comfortable. The runners are from all religious, cultural and social backgrounds. Not all team members have the same pace, but they are all equal, they are all heroes who dug their own running track from scratch.

Today, the team is consisting of more than 100 active female and male runners. A lot of them were addicted to alcohol, had depression, obese with health issues, suffered from low self-esteem issues, etc… but today they are different and new people.

Running and being active was definitely the reason, but the friends you find in the team, and the new family you gain once you join Team Walid, make you KEEP GOING despite all the challenges in your life.

Why joining Team Walid rather than other teams? Why not join the team after six years of success in making dedicated, happy and professional runners.