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Exploring Istanbul’s Running Scene with TEAM RUN.BO

Running is not just about movement; it’s a lifestyle. And that’s precisely what TEAM RUN.BO represents. Founded by Bike, Ersavas, Cem, and Erdem in Istanbul, Turkey, in June 2015, this running crew aims to motivate others to start running or provide more information to those who already love it.

Team Run.BO: The Birth of a Running Crew

Meeting each other by chance at the airport while heading to a race in March 2015, Runatolia, the founders Bike,
Ersavas, Cem, and Erdem exchanged information and discovered their shared love for running. After the race, they continued to communicate and realized that they were all at the beginning of a new journey. They decided to start a new running crew that would be different from the existing ones in Istanbul.

The Mission of Team Run.BO

TEAM RUN.BO’s primary goal is not to be a big crew but to provide content that motivates others. Their website offers lots of content, including race reports, pictures, interviews, and Spotify playlists that make perfect training companions. They’ve even added a vlog to their content mix to provide more engaging content.

To join TEAM RUN.BO, you need to train or race with a RUN.BO and receive his/her approval. The crew is open to anyone with some running excitement and craziness. They are mainly a trail running team, initially started by them in Turkey.

In A Nutshell – TEAM RUN.BO

TEAM RUN.BO is an excellent option for those looking for different running experience in Istanbul. Their focus on trail running and engaging content offers a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and explore the city’s running scene.

Exploring Istanbul’s Running Scene

Istanbul is a city that has something to offer for everyone, including runners. The city is known for its beautiful sights, rich history, and diverse culture. Here are some interesting facts about Istanbul’s running scene that you may not know.

Running in Istanbul

Istanbul has a variety of terrain that is perfect for runners, from flat roads to challenging trails. Some popular running routes in Istanbul include the Bosphorus Bridge, the Princess Islands, and the Belgrade Forest. Running along the Bosphorus Bridge is an iconic experience, and the Princess Islands are a perfect place for long runs with scenic views. The Belgrade Forest is ideal for trail running, with its challenging hills and lush greenery.

Running Events in Istanbul

Istanbul hosts many running events throughout the year, including marathons, half-marathons, and fun runs. The Istanbul Marathon is Turkey’s most significant running event, attracting thousands of runners worldwide. The Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon is another popular event, and it takes place in April each year.

Other Running Crews in Istanbul

Istanbul has a vibrant running community, with several running crews that offer various running experiences. Some famous running crews in Istanbul include Runarchy, BEAT, No Reason Co and Fundamental. These running crews offer a great way to meet new people, explore the city, and experience the joy of running together.

Runarchy is a running crew that hails from Istanbul. They are a diverse group of runners who believe in the power of running to connect people. The crew is open to everyone, regardless of their fitness level or running experience. Their motto is “Unity in Diversity,” They strive to promote this through their runs and events. They often organize themed runs, charity events, and trail runs. Runarchy also has a solid online presence, sharing running tips, motivational content, and crew updates.

BEAT is a collective running crew from Istanbul that was established in December 2017 by friends with different professional and social backgrounds. The aim of BEAT is to help people to escape from the monotony of city life by contributing to beat and improve themselves in every step of life.

No Reason Co. is a running crew that started in 2017 in Istanbul. The crew comprises runners who love to run, socialize, and explore the city together. No Reason Co. is open to all levels of runners, and they often organize themed runs, trail runs, and races. The crew also strongly focuses on giving back to the community, and they often participate in charity events. They believe that running is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life.

Rundamental is a running community-based in Istanbul. The crew was founded in 2015 by runners who wanted to create a supportive environment for runners of all levels. Rundamental’s motto is “We believe good people run together.” They believe that running can be a powerful tool for building connections and improving mental and physical health.

Runarchy RC

Beat Run Crew

No Reason Co.