Swords Warsaw

Swords Warsaw is a new running/sports/social club based in Warsaw, Poland. The crew unites active people with initiative, aesthetic feelings and good vibes, through sport.

We want to make out of the Swords a living platform, open to different sports and people, where training, social gathering and style make one. We want to bring together good energy, talent and potential of the youth of our city and use it to put Warsaw on the map.

SWORDS WARSAW is a group that consists of and is complemented by an unusual mix of people. Each of us professionally deals with something different, while thanks to the group, we have created a platform where we exchange experience, skills and provoke interactions and joint projects.

It is interesting that not only do we represent various industries, but each of us also has our own running history, usually completely different from the others. Despite these differences, the environments we operate in are the same, and we share similar values, a sense of aesthetics, the need to belong and build something cool, which everyone involved can use.

We meet us for various training sessions to prepare us for planned races, but also those that are supposed to generate pure fun, such as Sexy Tuesdays ending with the usual pizza.