Ssideline City Run Club

Experience the Community and Culture of Ssideline City Run Club in Stockholm

Ssideline City Run Club, founded on April 15, 2014, in Stockholm, is an international community with more than 400 members. The running crew has a belief that running is for everyone and it is more enjoyable to do it together. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned marathon runner, Ssideline City welcomes you with open arms. Their core values are inclusiveness and equality, and their aim is to have fun while making the world a better place.

One Facebook Update

Joining the Ssideline City Run Club community is as simple as responding to a Facebook update. Six friends turned up for the first session, and the community has grown since then. Captains Kristian and Miguel lead the running group with team leaders, and runners meet and run in groups based on their running experience, ability, and goals. One of the best parts of the Ssideline City Run Club is that you don’t have to be fast or experienced to join, as inclusiveness and equality are fundamental values of the crew.

Train for Your Individual Goals with the Crew

Ssideline City Run Club believes that speed and distance aren’t the only victories. Every runner is encouraged to train for their individual goals, whether it’s to run a 5K or a full marathon. The crew aims to help each other achieve their goals while having fun along the way. Each training session ends with a delicious brunch or a few after-run drinks with the entire crew, bringing runners together in a social setting.

In Conclusion

Joining the club is an excellent opportunity to experience the community and culture of running in Stockholm. With its inclusive values, you will find runners from all walks of life, and together, you will explore the beautiful city while challenging yourselves to be stronger runners. Stockholm

Running in Stockholm with Ssideline City Run Club

Ssideline City Run Club uses the landscape of the city to explore Stockholm and its surroundings while challenging themselves to be stronger runners and as a community. Runners decide on routes and workouts that will be the most fun and beneficial for the group. You might find yourself running intervals on Västerbron, hills in Årstaviken, or taken on an adventure somewhere beyond the city limits to do a tempo run on a lakeside path.

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is an excellent city for running with its many parks and nature reserves, offering runners a variety of terrains to explore. The city also has an extensive network of running paths, including the popular Kungsholmen run, which takes you around the island and over several bridges with scenic views of the city.

Running Events in Stockholm

Stockholm has many running events throughout the year, including the Stockholm Marathon, the Lidingöloppet, and the Midnattsloppet. The Stockholm Marathon, held annually in June, is one of the most popular events, with runners from all over the world participating. The Lidingöloppet, a cross-country race on the island of Lidingö, is another popular event that attracts both elite and amateur runners. The Midnattsloppet, held in August, is a night race that takes runners through the streets of Stockholm.