SRC Run Crew

We are not a traditional running club. We define us as an urban running crew. A collective of creative minds.

SRC was founded by a bunch of designers, who just wanted to run together. After a few runs, we started to invite more and more people, who have the same understanding of our running concept. Not being a serious running club, but a group of friends who share the same interests like music, fashion, design and parties.

Most crew members run during the week by themselves. Crew night runs take place irregular, but we are holding them at least once per month. We have a couple of “standard” routes which differ on the participants.

Run Party Party.

The idea of ”Run Party Party” is to see every run as a party and to party after the race with the crew. We run the streets and we party on the streets.

Everyone who is able to run at least 5k is always welcome to join us but we’re looking for runners who share a similar vision of the urban running, partying and the movement to become part of the so-called crew love.