Spartan Sundays Run Club

Spartan Sundays Run Club was founded in 2011 in Brooklyn by Ismael and Sean. Both started training together in 2011 to motivate themselves to try an obstacle course race and decided to share their passion with others.

We started as an obstacle race group and eventually branched over to running. We love the “Crossover” from OCR to Running and how they both mimic life in struggle and accomplishments.

Conquer your Obstacles – Above it, Around it, Through it. But keep finding a way.

Spartan Sundays is a weekly free 2-hour group workout in Brooklyn that is created to get you in shape for various Mud and Road Races. On any given Sunday you’ll find a group of 40 or 50 people working out. Their ages range from 4 to 73 years old — some are budding athletes, some are elite trainees, and others are bouncing back from injuries. One thing they have in common, though: They’re all there to get better, together.

Our mission is to apply our spiritual strengths to tackle our physical challenges not just on Sundays but on a daily basis.