South Striders Munich

South Striders Munich was founded in May 2019 in Munich by Timo and Tina.

Inspired by the world of global running crews but caught up in the strings of corporate guidelines and brand marketing, we decided to cut loose and run independently – with friends who share the same passion, the lifestyle and work towards the same goals. Open-minded and willing to discover the world and its people through running.

Track, concrete, hills… we run everywhere!

From social runs at an easy pace to tempo runs, intervals and hill workouts to the church of Sunday long run… we’re always keen to mix it up and to meet new people who want to share some of their weekly mileage with us!

It doesn’t matter if you live in Munich and if you’re looking for a stable relationship or if you’re just here for a few days and want to discover our hometown – get in touch with us via social and we’ll make it happen.

And trust us! Even if you do live in Munich – we’ll show you routes you’ve never run before.