Social Running Crew Seoul (SRC)

Social Running Crew was founded by Seung Woo Yoo in April 2014. He realized that running can have a way bigger impact beyond just doing sports in the sense to enjoy various lifestyles in Seoul by combining them with the culture of running and interacting through everyday movements called running. That’s why they call themselves “Social”.

“No Rules Tuesday”

The aim was to establish and promote a young and healthy running culture in the city of Seoul. Today, young people are rejecting the traditional values around sports being only for competitive means and what it means to “win.” Instead, they’re looking to rewrite the idea of success into something that resonates with their lifestyle. It’s not about being the first finisher, but instead, interpersonal connection with a group of individuals focused on the same idea, the higher-purpose of feeling personally satisfied and fulfilled. SMSB is serving this need by cultivating a tribe of Fitness Explorers banded together to scour the globe for others in search of the same, shared goal of getting the world moving – one city at a time. The crew is looking to discover new forms of movement, mindfulness and community impact that will ignite the passions of the younger generation through both sport and social good.

The members are all in the mid and late 20s with diverse backgrounds. It’s not only about running. They come together for coffee and beer before and after running. It’s a very close family-like relationship.

We run every Tuesday at 8:00 pm with the concept of “No Rules Tuesday” around the hidden downtown area, with no fixed rules. On every other Saturday, the guest run session “Guest Run” is held. Our running sessions are always open, anyone can apply for a session and participate actively.