Not too long after moving to North Vancouver, Mel was looking for a way to meet new people. Seeing as there weren’t any run clubs in Lower Lonsdale, an up and coming neighbourhood of North Van, she decided to ask one of the owners of the boutique fitness studio she was working at called The Distrikt, if he knew of any places where Mel could potentially start the run club out of. Jian introduced her to Rex, an old friend who had just opened up a barbershop in the area called Rexford the Barbershop. We immediately hit it off and started the run club just a few days after in 2017.

No Run Left Behind

Our goal is to create a fun community atmosphere at our runs in hopes that people will make new connections or friends. Each month, we organize a #RUN2BEERE, where we run to a local craft brewery called Beere Brewing. We also try to support as many North Vancouver and Vancouver-based running initiatives or races as we can.

At RUNDISTRIKT, our motto is “No Run Left Behind”, we stay together as a group when we run.