Runarchy RC

Runarchy RC was formed as a consequence of monotonous, repetitious and discriminating running groups in August 2017.

We are adding a new sense to the asphalt that we run on, with a name that reflects our soul. We are Runarchy. We aren’t different from each other and not the same either. We are connected with bonds and not with prohibitions. We are chasing the best for our minds. Everyone will make a difference and find something new when we are together.

Running is having fun, getting tired, fighting in a battle, being together, discovering new things, understanding the world, but more importantly running is the asphalt and streets. That’s why we want you to focus on running. Our main goal is helping people to start running. By that, we hope to be a part in their life.

We provide a safe, free and relaxing atmosphere for runners, who only focus on their run. We care about starters more than fast runners. Our goal is to create a regenerative, dynamic and not self-centred crew. Runarchy RC is formed by our runners. That’s why we care about every individual opinion, and we are well aware of its necessity.

Every Tuesday, we run one of our 23 route in Istanbul by ignoring the weather conditions. On Sundays, we often run in the forests of Istanbul. Feel free to join us. We provide changing rooms and safety for our runners’ valuables.