RUNAAR was founded in February 2014 with the aim to create a social running club in Aarhus. We are a running club, which attaches importance to the social aspect. Therefore, age and shape are not a matter of concern. This is ensured by the fact that every time we divide the attendance runners into different teams so everyone has the opportunity to be challenged and become better runners. We make sure that the teams are headed by a person who takes into account the team’s individual requirements in terms of distance and pace.

We arrange both running routes and interval workouts around Aarhus and the surrounding areas. These events will be posted on the page – so keep an eye on our events. The social cohesion of RUNAAR is strengthened through joint events and these will be organized regularly – and hopefully help to form the basis for a wide network where common interests can grow and develop. We are looking forward to start a running revolution in Aarhus with you!