Run Jolly Pace Group (Run.JPG)

Run Jolly Pace Group (Run.JPG) was founded in 2019 in Singapore by Hibshamir and Luqman.

It started with solo runs till Hibshamir met up with Justin who showed interest in running together. Both came up with the idea of weekly run sessions as a group by sharing on our own Instagram accounts. The first-ever session was a mini group which consisted of 3 or 4 friends from each side and that’s when they met the other captain, Ash. .

Make Sports A Daily Habit

We ran, shared and posted on our Instagram accounts. Little did we know, we received overwhelming responses the next day. As we’re just laid back, amateur runners who just wanted to sweat and stay fit, the idea of “Jolly Pace” came about. We decided to keep the momentum going and thus, Run Jolly Pace Group officially started!

Our concept of Run.JPG was influenced by computer terms, JPG, a format for a file. Same goes for our running format which abbreviates Jolly Pace Group (JPG).

Our primary focus is to “Make Sports A Daily Habit” and to build a community for people to enjoy running and sports. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fast or slow runner, or just starting to run. Over here, we run together at a jolly pace so as it motivates everyone to finish the run together without leaving anyone behind