RingRunRoad (RRR)

RingRunRoad was founded in April 2013 in Balikpapan, Indonesia by Raden, Elsa and Boim.

We’re not sure exactly when we are “officially” formed, but the year is 2013, we were formed by friends who aren’t runners but wanted to start running. That time the global and national running culture is on the rising and that kinda drive us to start our own club that put having fun and community ahead of running.

Even tho the founders are not active in the community anymore, they have started a huge movement of running crews in our town. The first captain was Raden “the coach” who has been a great motivator to everyone who joined the crew.

RingRunRoad is an easy-going crew formed by non-runners that tried running as their sport. We don’t really care about mileage, we run to have fun. Since we are all very busy and sometimes lazy our running schedule is like a whenever we want and wherever we want to run plan.

We do run in different pace groups but in our regular get together run we try to make it as chill as possible. We call it “gossip pace”. If we want to train for a race then we set up a different serious schedule. Our distance is adjusted by the groups that are joining the run.