Prêts Feu Partez

Prêts Feu Partez was founded in April 2019 in Paris by Anthony, Melodie and Gérald and means “Ready – Set – GO” in French.

At the start, we were a group of Parisian friends with envy to run together. It was just a way to be able to meet and share our passion for the sport. With the success of our public events, we decided to go further by becoming an official running crew open to everyone. Adhering to Prêts Feu Partez is above all adhering to this spirit of sharing.

Joining Prêts Feu Partez is about wearing our colours, but also our mindset. We make it a point of honour that our members practice their sports activities with respect and tolerance while adhering to principles that are eco-responsible and respectful of the environment.