Positive Force

Positive Force was first started in March of 2020 in the area of Lanarkshire in Scotland by Fraser and is slowly but surely becoming more and more present.

I came up with the idea to have a group of likeminded people who are forging a path using a positive mental attitude. I want people to feel safe and use PxF to be an open place to run and be themselves, regardless of gender, colour or creed. I just want everyone to be respectful and share as much as they wish to. I wanted to start a crew or community to inject some positive energy into what was a pretty bleak world at the beginning of 2020. I decided on Positive Force as I love hardcore punk and the whole youth crew aesthetic, so wanted to merge that with a running crew to give us an identity without it being too gimmicky.

The time is now. We are definitely in our infancy, so we haven’t been on our maiden voyage yet, but plans are in place to move with intent in the coming months.