Paris Running Club (PRC)

Paris Running Club was founded by Jay in 2008. Nike asked him to change the way people were running and to create an urban running culture. A group of non-runners and influencers trained together for a 10k race. From eight to more than a hundred members in 2018, the crew exceeded all expectations. It is now extending to other sports and travels around the world to promote a passion and a lifestyle that spread in major cities worldwide.

Run hard party harder.

We are not a running club. We are more than a crew. We are a movement. We are a new generation of runners who think that swag and style are more important than performance. Forget all the stereotypes about running. Forget pain and sweat. We are burning as much Parisian street as Parisian dancefloors. Running is not our life but running is a perfect balance for a good life.

We are artists, bloggers, designers, musicians, models, artistic director, graphic designer or every job you always dream to have. We are Paris Running Club. Welcome to our life.