OUTrun Club

OUTrun Club: Uniting Runners, Building Community, and Embracing Fun in the Heart of Montréal

The Remarkable Journey of OUTrun Club, Montréal’s Inspiring Running Crew

In the bustling city of Montréal, a vibrant and close-knit running crew has emerged, captivating the hearts of sporty individuals and runners alike. OUTrun Club, founded in July 2022 by the trailblazing Alexia, has blossomed into a remarkable community-driven initiative, fostering a sense of acceptance, mutuality, and fun among its diverse members. OUTrun Club was born out of a desire for community and accountability in the running to create a welcoming environment for all runners. Alexia, a runner seeking a club close to home that didn’t demand early morning starts, embarked on this journey during her first summer in Montréal. The crew enthusiastically organized cross-country ski trips, ice skating adventures, and even a thrilling scavenger hunt run in the winter months.

OUTrun Club – A Journey Sparked by Passion and Inclusion

During the challenging times of the pandemic, OutRun’s founder, Alexia, discovered her love for running. Inspired by her father’s involvement in a run club, she eagerly sought a similar community in Montréal. However, she encountered a common dilemma—existing clubs predominantly met early in the morning, conflicting with her desire to enjoy Friday night festivities and still have ample rest before hitting the pavement. Fueled by determination, Alexia took matters into her own hands and decided to create what she couldn’t find. Initially, OUTrun Club began as a group chat associated with Ellelui, a prominent event-planning organization for lesbian, queer, and trans individuals. Eventually, OutRun ventured into its own independent entity, significantly contributing to Montréal’s thriving LGBTQ+ community. Guided by a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, OutRun strives to create a space free from intimidation or judgment. After the run, the café serves as a meeting point where friendships are forged and stories are shared. OutRun epitomizes the joy of running while celebrating diversity, making a lasting impact within Montréal’s bustling LGBTQ+ community.

The Dynamic Forces Behind OUTrun Club

Evelyn, a passionate advocate for the crew’s vision, joined OutRun a few months after its inception and quickly assumed significant responsibilities within the group. Known for her captivating graphics and leadership during the classic Saturday runs, Evelyn is also the co-host of OutRun’s exhilarating biyearly Olympics. Katy and Abi, as dedicated captains, lead the early morning runs up Mount Royal during the week. Alongside Evelyn, Katy has been instrumental in orchestrating the OutRun Olympics, a testament to their creative and innovative approach to fostering a spirited running community.

Running with OUTrun Club: Embrace Flexibility and Fun

Every Saturday at 11 am, the OUTrun Club crew gathers at the Bridge in Lafontaine Park, ready to embark on an exhilarating running adventure. The iconic bridge serves as the meeting point for runners of all levels, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. But OutRun doesn’t stop there—check their Instagram for additional weekly runs, often scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 am. The distance varies from 1 to 8 kilometres, allowing participants to tailor their run to individual goals and preferences. Some choose to walk, while others challenge themselves with a swift sprint. The best part? It’s incredibly flexible, accommodating different paces and abilities. However, if you’re up for a challenge, join the group that consistently tackles a 5-kilometre route at an impressive pace of 6 minutes and 30 seconds per kilometre. With over 750 members, each run typically sees a delightful turnout of 10 to 30 people, creating a lively and supportive atmosphere where runners of all backgrounds come together to share the joy of running. Open to everyone, OutRun truly embodies the spirit of unity and acceptance, making each run an unforgettable experience.

OUTrun Club – In A Nutshell

OutRun’s journey is not merely about running—it’s about building a tight-knit community, embracing individuality, and inspiring others to embark on their own running adventures. With their unwavering enthusiasm, OUTrun Club continues to unite runners, fostering a vibrant and inclusive space for all. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or taking your first steps on the pavement, OutRun welcomes you with open arms, ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Montréal’s streets, parks, and the beating heart of its running culture.

Montréal: The Perfect Backdrop for Running Adventures

Nestled in the heart of Montréal, OUTrun Club benefits from the city’s lively atmosphere and breathtaking landmarks that add to its running culture. Montréal’s eclectic charm, with its distinct fusion of European and North American influences, creates an energizing backdrop for the crew’s adventures. As runners explore the city, they encounter a myriad of notable attractions, such as the iconic Notre Dame Basilica, the picturesque Old Port, and the enchanting Mount Royal Park. These landmarks serve as stunning running routes and contribute to the rich tapestry of Montréal’s running culture.

Exploring Montréal’s Running Paradises

Montréal offers an abundance of popular running routes and scenic trails that captivate the adventurous spirit of runners. The mesmerizing Lachine Canal path provides a serene and picturesque journey along the water’s edge for those seeking a tranquil escape. Alternatively, the enchanting Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Île Notre-Dame offers a captivating experience as runners immerse themselves in the vibrant ambience of the city’s Formula 1 racetrack. Additionally, with its lush greenery and breathtaking views, Mount Royal Park beckons runners to conquer its slopes and savour the reward of a panoramic vista.

Thriving Running Events in Montréal

Montréal’s running calendar is packed with thrilling races and marathons that ignite the city’s running spirit. The Montréal Marathon, held annually in September, attracts avid runners worldwide, eagerly considering conquering the city’s streets. For those seeking a more unconventional experience, the Color Me Rad 5K brings vibrant hues to the city as participants are doused in colourful powder throughout the race. These events, among many others, create a sense of camaraderie and excitement, uniting the running community of Montréal.

A Vibrant Running Community

While OUTrun Club holds a special place in Montréal’s running landscape, numerous other running crews in the city, area, or country contribute to the dynamic and inclusive nature of the sport. Montréal has many dynamic running crews that add to the city’s vibrant fitness scene. These communities embrace the spirit of unity, inclusivity, and pushing boundaries. These running crews and OutRun exemplify the diverse and inclusive nature of Montréal’s running culture. Each group offers a unique experience, fostering community, motivation, and personal growth. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced runner, or simply looking to connect with like-minded individuals, Montréal’s running communities provide the perfect platform to lace up your shoes, hit the pavement, and embark on an inspiring journey of fitness and friendship. Here are a few notable running groups that deserve recognition:

A proud member of the global free fitness movement that originated in Boston in 2011, November Project Montreal brings the city together twice a week for exhilarating workouts. Their sessions are always free, open to all fitness levels, and require no registration or RSVP. With the mantra of “Just show up,” November Project Montréal is committed to making fitness accessible to everyone. They foster a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals come together to challenge themselves and forge lasting connections.

Dedicated to creating a community of runners and athletes, NDG Run Rite Athletics Club provides a platform for individuals to train, support, and achieve their fitness goals. This welcoming group caters to runners of all levels, from novices taking their first strides to seasoned athletes. The NDG Run Rite Athletics Club emphasises inclusivity and support and offers various programs, including running, track and field, and strength training. With their unwavering encouragement and camaraderie, members of this community can find the motivation to conquer new heights.

Yamajo Run Crew stands out as a running community that goes beyond simply logging miles. Their mission is to unite individuals through running, socializing, and community engagement. Recognizing running as a universal language transcending cultural barriers, Yamajo Run Crew brings people together to pursue fitness and connection. Their vibrant and energetic group runs are accompanied by post-run hangouts at local spots, creating a lively and engaging experience for all involved.

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