Open Run Seoul (OPR)

To spread the message of how beautiful running is, Min-woo started the Open Run Crew with the idea in mind that “running generates a great feeling”. By running together with various people, he realized that there is so much diversity and joy in running. Back in March 2019, OPR SEOUL or OPEN RUN SEOUL started to use the city of Seoul as one big track.

OPR SEOUL is open to any runners who take a linking to run. More than 70 runners participate in the weekly session.

We don’t categorize the area of Seoul but choose various places in the city as our running bases, so we called it #alloverseoul. Through running we can see and feel the fantastic vibes of the city and visit all the landmarks and roads of Seoul. It is very complicated to live in a huge populated city. To make an extraordinary Wednesday, we have been running every single week to share the value of running!