Night Terrors Run Toronto (NTRC)

Night Terrors Run Crew (NTRC) was founded back in early spring 2013 when Aimee and several female friends went for a run late at night in Toronto. Back in 2013, no running group in Toronto offered group runs after 8 pm and the girls thought running late at night would be fun, mischievous and badass. Over time, the crew grew from a group of girls to a group of 25+ people that would run at midnight for fun.

Take a step into the night. Run. Train. Race. We run, rain or shine, year round. We run just because. There are no boundaries for the Night Terrors.

Move forward to 2019 and NTRC is now a collective of community-focused runners that aim to introduce free and accessible running programs to people of all fitness levels. Through running and collaborations with artists and local businesses, NTRC has been successful in fusing the art scene with the fitness community and it’s a place where runners of all abilities are welcome. In NTRC, no runner is left behind regardless of their ability and this sense of community has stayed with us from the early days of 2013.

For the free community runs on Monday, Thursday and Saturday we have a short route and a long route. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we offer coached speed training workouts.

From time to time, we travel to nature areas outside the city gridlock to run trails. Depending on the week, the crew runs between 39KM-55KM overall. NTRC is led by William aka Bill who joined NTRC about one month after the crew was founded.