NBRO Running

Running with Style: The NBRO Running Crew Takes Copenhagen by Storm

Copenhagen, the vibrant capital of Denmark, is home to a remarkable running crew that has revolutionized the local running scene and left an indelible mark on the global running community. NBRO Running, founded in 2010 on the streets of Nørrebro, has become synonymous with style, camaraderie, and a passion for running. With their unique qualities and unwavering sense of community, NBRO has captured the hearts of runners worldwide.

A Crew Unlike Any Other: The Birth of NBRO Running

NBRO Running was the brainchild of Karl-Oskar, co-founder of the renowned clothing label WoodWood, and his group of friends. In the fall of 2010, they discovered a newfound love for running after winning Copenhagen’s “Nike Run Your City” challenge. Inspired by their experience, they created a running crew that embodied their urban style and love for the sport. And thus, NBRO Running was born.

The crew’s name pays homage to Nørrebro, the lively quarter in Copenhagen where it all began. Troels, Mike, Anders, Karl-Oskar, and Jacob, a long-time NBRO regular, were the crew’s founding members. Although Karl-Oskar eventually became too busy to run with the crew, Jacob stepped in to ensure its continuity. Their dedication and vision laid the foundation for what would become one of the most influential running crews in the world.

A Trailblazing Culture: NBRO’s Unique Identity

It’s rebellious spirit and distinctive style set NBRO Running apart from traditional running clubs. Unlike the stereotypical image of runners, NBRO members run hard and party harder. Clad in stylish black running apparel emblazoned with the iconic NBRO logo, they challenged the norms and redefined what it meant to be a runner.

The influence of NBRO’s unique culture quickly spread, captivating friends and friends of friends who were enticed to join their group runs. Coincidentally, similar running crews like Bridge Runners in New York City and Run Dem Crew in London were emerging around the same time, defying the established running conventions and transforming running into a vibrant culture. These crews eventually connected and sparked the “Bridge the Gap” movement, which aimed to unite running crews from around the globe, leaving an enduring impact on urban running communities worldwide.

Embracing Diversity and Building Connections

One of the most remarkable aspects of NBRO Running is its diverse membership. The crew welcomes individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age or profession. Doctors, lawyers, car mechanics, architects, biologists, and students unite, forging connections and fostering a sense of acceptance and mutual respect. NBRO serves as a meeting point, allowing its members to interact with people they might not have encountered otherwise. In the running, all differences fade when the crew members change into their running clothes and hit the streets together.

The Evolution of NBRO Running: Standing the Test of Time

Over the years, the original founding members of NBRO Running have ventured into different paths, leaving their legacy in the hands of dedicated individuals. While Karl-Oskar pursued his passion by founding the premium cycling brand Pas Normal, Anders remained rooted in the crew, ensuring its continuity with the support of a select group of long-term NBRO runners.

Despite the passing of more than a decade, NBRO Running has remained relevant and influential, surprising even its members. The crew’s lasting impact on the running culture of Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole cannot be overstated. The rise of numerous running crews throughout the country attests to the profound influence NBRO has had on the running community. This proliferation of crews has created a vibrant and dynamic running landscape, inspiring runners of all levels to join the movement and experience the joy of running together.

The NBRO Running Experience: Joining the Crew

NBRO Running offers many weekly training sessions, allowing runners of all levels to participate and connect with like-minded individuals. The crew’s headquarters is Søpavillonen, a picturesque lakeside coffee shop. The crew’s weekly schedule offers a variety of runs to cater to different preferences and training goals. Here are some of the signature NBRO runs:

Bloody Monday: This high-intensity run kicks off the week with a bang. Expect to push your limits alongside a vibrant community of runners. The run typically covers approximately 15 kilometres and starts from Søpavillonen.

Early Bird Tuesday: Rise and shine for an invigorating morning jog. The run begins at Søpavillonen and takes you to Frederiksberg Have, where you’ll conquer challenging hills. The route spans around 10 kilometres. After catching their breath, the group heads back to Søpavillonen, often followed by a well-deserved coffee.

Mellow Tuesday: This run strikes a balance between recovery and pushing yourself. With a mix of tired and fresh legs, runners embark on a relaxed journey of 13 to 15 kilometres, fostering a supportive atmosphere among participants.

Midweek Madness: Wednesdays are all about speed and performance. Join the crew at the blue track for fast kilometres, where spikes, splits, and speed are mandatory. It’s an intense workout that leaves you exhilarated. No predefined groups are assigned, allowing runners to choose their training sessions or join others.

Social Thursday: Known as “Little Friday,” this run encourages a relaxed jog. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with new runners and enjoy the social aspect of NBRO. Groups of varying paces are available, catering to runners of different abilities.

It’s Friday. I’m in love: Start your Friday morning with love and a run. This run, typically around 10 to 12 kilometres, maintains an average pace of approximately 4:45 to 5:00 minutes per kilometre. Afterwards, join fellow runners in sharing the joy of the upcoming weekend.

Longshot Saturday: For those aiming to conquer long distances and achieve marathon personal bests, Longshot Saturday is the critical event. With a distance of around 20 kilometres, this run provides the company and support needed to tackle the challenges of long-distance running. Coffee or beer awaits runners at the end of the journey, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

A Lasting Legacy: NBRO’s Impact on Running Culture

NBRO Running has carved out a special place in the hearts of runners in Copenhagen and beyond. Through their rebellious spirit, unique style, and commitment to fostering a strong community, NBRO has set a precedent for running crews worldwide. The global running community has been enriched by the connections forged through the Bridge the Gap movement, uniting like-minded individuals and promoting the values of acceptance, fun, and camaraderie.

If you find yourself in Copenhagen and wish to experience running in the footsteps of the fantastic NBRO crew, lace up your sneakers and join them for an unforgettable journey. Discover the city’s beauty, meet new friends, and embrace the global running culture that NBRO Running has helped shape. Remember, with NBRO, you’ll never run alone.

Running in Copenhagen: Embracing the City’s Scenic Routes

Whether you prefer the energetic buzz of city streets or the tranquillity of nature, Copenhagen offers a range of running routes to explore. With its picturesque streets, enchanting canals, and vibrant atmosphere, Copenhagen offers a delightful backdrop for runners of all levels. The city’s running scene is characterized by its diverse routes, catering to urban enthusiasts and nature lovers. Runners can enjoy the scenic paths along the lakes of Copenhagen, where the serene waters and lush surroundings create a tranquil ambience. Another popular running spot is Frederiksberg Have, a stunning park with beautiful gardens and gentle hills, providing a perfect mix of challenge and tranquillity.

Running Events in Copenhagen: A Calendar Filled with Excitement

Copenhagen is home to a vibrant running community with a bustling calendar of events that attract participants from near and far. One notable event is the annual Copenhagen Marathon, which takes runners on a captivating journey through the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Little Mermaid statue, Nyhavn Harbor, and the Royal Palace. The atmosphere is electric as thousands of runners, cheered on by enthusiastic spectators, weave their way through the streets of Copenhagen. Another exciting event is the Nike Run Your City Challenge, where participants can explore the city’s hidden gems while pushing their limits in a fun and supportive environment. These events showcase Copenhagen’s beauty and embody the community and camaraderie that defines the city’s running culture.

Conquering the Streets: The Copenhagen Marathon

The Copenhagen Marathon is an iconic event that captures the spirit of running in the heart of the Danish capital. Every year, thousands of runners from around the world gather to test their endurance and experience the thrill of racing through the vibrant streets of Copenhagen. The marathon route showcases the city’s rich history and stunning landmarks, offering participants a unique perspective as they pass by the Royal Palace, Tivoli Gardens, and the picturesque canals of Nyhavn. With its flat and fast course, the Copenhagen Marathon attracts elite runners aiming for personal best and recreational runners seeking a memorable race experience. The event is renowned for its impeccable organization, enthusiastic volunteers, and overwhelming support from cheering spectators lining the streets. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or embarking on your first 26.2-mile journey, the Copenhagen Marathon promises an unforgettable and inspiring running adventure in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.