Nowon Running Crew (N1RC)

Nowon Running Crew (N1RC) started with three college friends in June 2018 in Seoul. Today the crew has more than 50 regular members.

We had no greater meaning or a goal to achieve but we just wanted to run with other people in our neighbourhood. Every single Thursday at 20:20 we run in Nowo-gu and nearby areas. Usually, we run in different pace groups so that beginners and experts both are able to enjoy. We are trying to have dynamic sessions to avoid monotonous running. Intervall, race tracks, mission running are all included in our programs. Distances are usually between 5 to 10km. Unlike other running crews, we aim to finish the race together with all of our members.

We are basically open to anyone who wants to run. If you want to join us please knock knock on our official Instagram account. You will always be welcomed!