Mutant_ was founded by jk.beak under the name “SMIT” back in 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. It means Single Mutant Infects Totality. The idea behind the crew’s name was the danger of infection by mutants. Just as mutants SMIT also wanted to infect people with the running virus. Instead of getting wild and crazy they wanted to create a community full of attraction, passion, emotion, and energy.

In 2019, the crew was renamed to Mutant_ by GANZ who stepped into the shoes of jk.baek. Until today GANZ is leading the crew with the focus on every single crew member. All the activities are created in his infinite imagination.

Everyone is different. We want each crew member to shoot out the color in the background of black. Like everyone becomes the main character. For us, running is just one piece of the bigger meaning. As an activity crew, we enjoy running and various activities together.