MustLoveHills RUNCREW

MustLoveHills RUNCREW: Running Up the Hills and Forging a Tight-Knit Community

A remarkable running crew has emerged in the vibrant city of Cape Town amidst breathtaking landscapes and a culture infused with adventure. MustLoveHills RUNCREW, founded in January 2017 by the passionate runner Mike, has blossomed into a tight-knit community that pushes its members to achieve their running goals and fosters a sense of togetherness and support.

MustLoveHills RUNCREW – The Birth of a Running Crew

MustLoveHills RUNCREW was born out of Mike’s desire to give back to the sport that had given him so much. It started modestly, with Mike focusing on improving his running times through solo efforts. As word spread about his achievements, others were drawn to join him. Initially, a small group of friends joined Mike for hill repeats, a training method he favoured. However, the group grew exponentially, with turnouts now surpassing 80 participants at these hill sessions. Although the crew has expanded and added various runs to their schedule, running up a hill on any given Tuesday remains a cherished tradition.

It’s A Team Effort

While Mike is the founder, Crew Captain, and Head Coach of MustLoveHills RUNCREW, it is essential to acknowledge that the crew is far from a one-man show. Alongside Mike, a dedicated coaching team comprising HiltonCoceka, and Tahir is pivotal in guiding the crew members towards their running goals. Furthermore, the magic happening behind the scenes is brought to life by KendraImaanKelly and Fahwaaz. This collaborative effort ensures every member feels supported and motivated within the MLH community.

A Community that Transcends Running

More than just a running group, MustLoveHills RUNCREW is deeply rooted in social causes and initiatives that extend beyond the sport. Mike, the driving force behind MLH, has structured the crew to give back to the surrounding community. MLH members are encouraged to support these initiatives throughout the year, emphasizing the ethos of mutuality and acceptance within the crew. MLH’s commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative environment resonates with runners from all walks of life, making it a haven for those seeking a running community that values connection and social impact.

Unleashing the Inner Champion

What sets MustLoveHills RUNCREW apart from other social running crews is their unwavering dedication to pushing the limits. The crew embraces the challenge of training hard, constantly striving for improvement. Under the guidance of expert coaches, MLH members participate in sessions that demand their total commitment. While camaraderie and enjoyment are cherished aspects of the crew, it’s all about the game face-on when the training begins. Sessions are tough but tailored to individual levels, ensuring that every participant leaves as a better and stronger runner. The crew’s commitment to performance has earned them the moniker “performance crew” from Mike himself.

MustLoveHills RUNCREW’s Quest for Excellence

At MustLoveHills RUNCREW, the pursuit of excellence is a driving force that sets them apart from other social running crews. Their commitment to pushing the limits is evident in their training sessions, where hard work and determination take centre stage. The crew’s expert coaches ensure that every member is constantly challenged to reach new heights, emphasizing the hashtags #pushingthelimits and #neversettle. While there’s room for camaraderie and banter before and after sessions, once the training begins, it’s all about putting on a game face and giving it your all. The sessions may be challenging, but they are always tailored to individual levels, ensuring that every participant leaves as a better and stronger runner. It’s no wonder that Mike often refers to MustLoveHills RUNCREW as the “performance crew” – their unwavering commitment to improvement sets them apart in the running community.

Training at MustLoveHills RUNCREW: No Runner Left Behind!

Repeats: Hill Sessions Tailored to Your Pace

At MustLoveHills RUNCREW, runners are encouraged to embrace their own pace during hill repeats. No strict pace groups allow individuals to tackle anywhere from 6 to 10 hills according to their abilities. Each runner sets their own rhythm, knowing they won’t be left behind. The crew fosters a supportive environment where every participant feels motivated and comfortable throughout the session.

Track Sessions: Groups for Every Speedster

Regarding track sessions, MustLoveHills RUNCREW offers designated groups based on speed. The specific paces are determined by the participants who show up. Runners of all speeds find their place within the crew, as there’s a spot for every pace. MustLoveHills RUNCREW ensures inclusivity and enjoyment for all, allowing individuals to push their boundaries and have fun alongside fellow athletes. Should the need arise, runners can take a breather and rejoin the track when ready to resume their exhilarating laps! 🫶

Long Runs: From Speedy Sprints to Comfortable Cruises

MustLoveHills RUNCREW’s long runs cater to various paces, accommodating each runner’s preferences. Whether sprinting at lightning speed or opting for a more comfortable pace of 7 minutes per kilometre, there’s a group for everyone. As the crew’s training primarily revolves around repeats, the distance covered depends on the number of repeats undertaken. On average, crew members conquer at least 7 kilometres per session, with some speedsters clocking in around 10 kilometres. For those seeking an extraordinary challenge, MustLoveHills RUNCREW’s long runs for ultramarathons can reach an awe-inspiring distance of 44 kilometres!

Joining MustLoveHills RUNCREW

Joining MustLoveHills RUNCREW is a breeze. The crew welcomes all runners and charges no membership fees, making it an accessible community for anyone passionate about running. To get started, simply attend the training sessions shared on their Instagram stories. On Tuesdays, the crew gathers at 5:30 PM for hill repeats, meeting at Foresters Arms in Newlands. Thursdays are reserved for track sessions, usually held at the Greenpoint athletics track and occasionally at Molteno if the track is busy. In the build-up to events like the Two Oceans and Cape Town Marathon, MLH organizes weekend long runs. The crew ensures that every runner finds a suitable pace group or can adjust their intensity according to their needs. Inclusivity and adaptability lie at the heart of MustLoveHills RUNCREW’s approach.

MustLoveHills RUNCREW – In A Nutshell

MustLoveHills RUNCREW stands as a testament to the power of running in creating a vibrant and supportive community. Founded by Mike in 2017, this remarkable crew has grown exponentially, embracing a performance-driven mindset while valuing inclusivity, collaboration, and social impact. As they conquer the hills of Cape Town, MustLoveHills RUNCREW inspires others to join their quest for personal growth and connection. With Cape Town’s stunning landscapes, exciting running events, and a rich tapestry of running crews, the city has become a global destination for sporty individuals and runners seeking thrilling adventures and lasting friendships. Lace-up your running shoes, join MustLoveHills RUNCREW, and discover the boundless energy and camaraderie that await you in the heart of Cape Town’s running culture.

Running in Cape Town: A Scenic Adventure

Cape Town, the backdrop for MustLoveHills RUNCREW’s inspiring journey, boasts an abundance of picturesque running routes that cater to all levels of experience. One of the most popular paths among runners is the Sea Point Promenade, stretching alongside the Atlantic Ocean and offering breathtaking coastline views. Another favourite destination is the iconic Table Mountain, a majestic landmark providing challenging trails and awe-inspiring vistas. The scenic beauty of the city is further enhanced by routes like Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, and the Constantia Greenbelt, which immerse runners in the natural wonders of Cape Town.

Running Events that Ignite the City

Cape Town’s vibrant running culture comes alive through many exciting events that attract local and international participants. The Two Oceans Marathon, a world-renowned ultramarathon, showcases the city’s allure with its challenging course and breathtaking views. The Cape Town Marathon offers a thrilling race experience through the city’s streets for those seeking a shorter distance. In addition, the Color Run, known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, brings a burst of colour and fun to the running scene. These events, among others, contribute to Cape Town’s reputation as a hub for running enthusiasts.

The Tapestry of Running Crews in Cape Town

MustLoveHills RUNCREW is not alone in its pursuit of running excellence and fostering tight-knit communities. Cape Town has several other running crews, each with unique qualities and appeal. Meet the Cool Runnings Recreational Club, a crew that perfectly balances fun and fitness, creating a unique niche in the running scene. Join the Running Late Club for an extraordinary fitness experience where social runs, challenging workouts, and unique events await. Explore the transformative power of running with Mindset Movement, a crew dedicated to nurturing the mind and soul. Break barriers and make a difference with the Nine Four crew, hosting runs and supporting local causes. And get ready for the running revolution led by the inclusive Community Track Club, where all abilities are embraced. Cape Town is where running dreams come to life.

The Cool Runnings Recreational Club is a shining example of a running crew that can strike the perfect balance between fitness and fun in Cape Town. With their warm and welcoming attitude and an unwavering emphasis on camaraderie, they have carved out a unique niche in the city’s running scene. Their inclusive nature and dedication to fostering a strong community make them invaluable to the local running community.

The Running Late Club crew brings runners of all levels together for an extraordinary fitness experience in Cape Town. With a perfect blend of social runs, challenging workouts, and unique events like yoga sessions and book clubs, this crew knows how to make fitness fun and accessible for everyone. Join them to discover a new running world where you can sweat, socialize, and blast.

While Mindset Movement is deeply rooted in Cape Town, its impact reaches far beyond the city’s borders. With its emphasis on mutuality, acceptance, and fun, the crew attracts individuals from around the world who share a passion for self-improvement through running. Mindset Movement serves as a shining example of how running can foster global connections, break down barriers, and inspire individuals to push their limits. By embracing the global nature of running crews, Mindset Movement demonstrates that the power of running transcends geographical boundaries and unites people from diverse cultures and backgrounds in a common pursuit of growth and personal transformation.

Get ready to join the running revolution with the Nine Four crew in Cape Town. This crew is about breaking down barriers in the running community by offering regular runs catering to various levels and distances. They go beyond running, hosting social events, and supporting local charities and causes. With the Nine Four crew, you’ll not only enhance your running journey but also make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Get ready for a running revolution in the heart of Cape Town with the Community Track Club. This crew is changing the game by flinging open the gates of the legendary Green Point Athletic Stadium, inviting runners of all abilities to experience the thrill of unrestricted running. Inclusivity is the game’s name in this club, as they create a warm and supportive community that embraces runners from all walks of life. Say goodbye to exclusivity and join the running revolution with the Community Track Club.

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