Manic RC

8:30″ish” every Saturday morning. The “ish” represents the time we need to fuel with a quick espresso before the run. Yeah, we know its early and you probably went out the night before but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Just think how strong you’re going to be.

Simply put, we all love to run and celebrate life. Whether it be a weekday jaunt, a brutal Saturday morning long run or an afternoon Beer Mile it’s about the smiles.

We have been starting out of Manic Coffee located on the North East side of Bathurst & College. We will take a poll each week and see what everyone wants to run in terms of distance but presume that we will be running at least 10km every week. Keep in mind, we will be heading out for some breakfast at Sneeky Dees or coffee at Manic Coffee after. So bring some cash if you wanna join us!