MAEM Running Club

MAEM running club is a Jakarta-based running club to where beginners and advanced runners come together for the love of our city Jakarta. This community was founded in 2015 with our own philosophy:


RUN. We welcome whoever wants to run with us, either beginners or advanced where we can share our experiences and knowledge with each other.

EAT. Maem means makan (to eat) in Indonesian. We share the same habit of going out for culinary delights. It’s the basic foundation why this crew was started in the first place. Of course, after every run, we’re eating together. We call it “Re-Fuel”.

JOY. One of our goals is to share with everyone that running is fun and joyful. Our community shows that running can be enjoyed along with other runners and that supporting everyone is possible. Certainly, just run and feel the atmosphere, even you run as far 42,195k or more.

If you’re around and hungry, write us a message and run with us on Thursdays and Sundays. Dinner or breakfast afterwards.