LDN Brunch Club

Formed in the summer of 2014, LDN Brunch Club’s focus is to promote a healthy balance between running, fitness, diet and busy London life. Offering support and encouragement to its community of runners from across London, the team of qualified run coaches, run leaders and volunteer pacers devise training plans for upcoming races, plot safe and fun running routes, bringing together and motivating runners each week in their weekly group runs.

LDN Brunch Club members turn out every Sunday morning in East London as well as regular yoga and strength & conditioning sessions, but the crew also host open sessions to welcome the wider London running community to join them.
Unique to LDN Brunch Club, each weekly Sunday long run finishes with brunch at a different café or restaurant. This provides a great informal opportunity for members to socialise and the brunch a well-earned reward after the run. The group explore the city of London, with routes often taking in some of the touristy sights like the Tower of London, the Olympic Park and Houses of Parliament. They also venture off the beaten track around leafy Hampstead Heath or roam with the deer in Richmond Park.

The club is all-inclusive and aims to cater for all running abilities but is specifically focused on supporting runners training for longer distances races (half marathon and marathons). The community is made up of a diverse group of people from all walks of life. We have four pace groups each week ranging from around 5min/km to 6:30min/km.

Stephen is the founder and captain of LDN Brunch Club. For over five years, he has led members across London on our Sunday long runs, organised crew trips around the world and built an ever-growing community who have bonded over a shared love of running (and brunch). As the coach of the crew, Stephen develops training plans for our seasonal races and is always on hand with guidance to help members achieve their goals. His dedication and passion for all things running and fitness means he’s constantly seeking out exciting new opportunities to expand the crew’s horizons – from partnerships with like-minded brands, to supporting local businesses and giving crew members new experiences. As a runner, he has taken part in races across the globe – including the US, Africa, Asia, and Europe – with over 30 half marathons, 11 marathons and several Ironman 70.3 triathlons completed to date. His ongoing running challenge is to qualify for Boston Marathon; to complete the final World Marathon Major on his list and become a Six Star Finisher!