Lazyboys Track Club

Lazyboys Track Club was formed in May 2018 in Geneva by Sophie, who wanted a group of friends to keep each other accountable with a weekly speedwork session. She had been running with North Brooklyn Runners while living in New York, and borrowed their Thursday track workout schedule, taking it from the Big Apple to the shadow of the mountains.

Together with running buddies Vic, Joe, Tensai, Romain and others she established the club as an informal and welcoming group of distance runners – from Geneva’s fastest to those just starting out – with a common aim of getting faster and having a ton of fun along the way.

We run a weekly track workout, semi-regular long runs and provide moral support at races. We hold an annual track meet (4×400, regular mile and beer mile) which is – we think – the most fun athletic event in the Swiss sporting calendar!

• If this doesn’t mess with the standard format can we get rid of the founders section in the left hand column (we think of ourselves as more of a coop, with lots of founders/ leaders/ happy co-runners). We can leave captains as me, Vic and Tensai if focal points are needed!
• Can we add our instagram: @lazyboystrack?