We are actually the RushRunners ladies. Running was not everyone’s favourite sport, so when we started the crew, most of the members were men. In this case, some of the lady-new comers were too shy to come and join the session, because well men are always the fastest and the strongest. So we changed the strereotype and began to invite more ladies, also changing the type of the workout, into short runs and more strength training. And it worked. More ladies were coming to every session and we thought it should have its own name.

LadyRushers ain’t no quitter. We’re just prettier and never show signs of backing down in our training and focusing on our goals.

So, in 2016, we decided to make LadyRushers as the running crew for ladies with no age and other limitation. We wanted the ladies not just to see it as an exhausting workout but to have this kind of workout as their lifestyle. Ladies like to look pretty and badass, so our session is more likely a fun and light run, followed by some strengthening or maybe yoga and lots of taking pictures! And now, we have many ladies running from very different backgrounds and goals, but of course, we always are there to support each other in achieving personal goals too.