LA Rebels

Speeding Up with the LA Rebels Running Crew in Santa Monica

Running is not just a solo activity; it’s a community effort. A group of individuals come together, striving to achieve a common goal, be it fitness, health, or simply the love of running. That’s where the LA Rebels running crew comes in.

Joining the LA Rebels crew

Founded by David in January 2017, the LA Rebels have provided a setting for individuals motivated to get faster and fitter to come together and push each other in Santa Monica, USA. Anyone is welcome to join the LA Rebels crew, regardless of their experience or pace. The only prerequisite is the willingness to be a part of a team that shows up every week and puts in the hard work.

Getting started with LA Rebels

Finding the LA Rebels crew is easy. They run every Tuesday at 6:45 pm at the Lincoln Middle School Track in Santa Monica. The track is conveniently located and provides the perfect setting for speed workouts, which is the core focus of the LA Rebels crew. By focusing on speed, the LA Rebels have helped runners improve their personal best times and achieve new heights in their running journey.

Community building with LA Rebels

But the LA Rebels crew is not just about running; it’s about building a community, exploring the city, and having fun. Whether running along the Santa Monica beach or exploring the many parks and trails in the city, the crew knows how to have a good time while keeping fit. In fact, Santa Monica is a beautiful city with a vibrant running culture, and the LA Rebels crew is proud to be a part of it.

Other running crews in Los Angeles

Running is not just a physical activity; it’s also a community effort that can bring people together. The LA Rebels running crew, along with other famous running crews such as Koreatown Run Club (KRC), Blacklist LA, and The Republic, offers a space for individuals with different levels of experience and different goals to come together, push each other, and build a community while keeping fit. Therefore, it’s worth checking out other famous running crews that offer a different perspective on running, and it’s worth exploring them to see which fits your style and needs.

Koreatown Run Club (KRC)

For instance, Koreatown Run Club (KRC) is a running crew based in Los Angeles, California. KRC was founded in 2015. KRC is all about community, health, and fun. They run twice a week and offer different routes for various skill levels. One of their most popular runs is the K-Town Run, where they run through the city and experience the sights and sounds of Koreatown.

Blacklist LA

Similarly, Blacklist LA is a running crew that was founded in 2013. They are based in Los Angeles, California and have a community of runners who love to explore the city. They organize weekly runs that take runners through different neighbourhoods, including downtown LA, Silver Lake, and Echo Park. Blacklist LA is known for its unique and challenging routes, and they always end the run with a fun social gathering.

The Republic

Moreover, The Republic is a running crew based in Santa Monica, California, founded in 2018. They are a diverse group of runners passionate about the sport and the community it creates.

The Republic

Blacklist LA

Koreatown Run Club (KRC)