Komorebi Running Club

Komorebi Running Club was founded in May 2020 in Eindhoven, Netherlands by Pui currently living in the Netherlands born in Curacao.

I’ve always enjoyed doing sports since I can remember from PE at school to playing tennis, football, badminton, fitness to bodybuilding competitions (with some lazy periods in between) to finally being invited to join my friends on a half mountain marathon in Sa Pa Vietnam. Here’s where my running journey and the love-hate relationship with it began. After starting my training for this mountain marathon I learned a lot about my body and learned to enjoy these long runs even though I still noticed that my pace was really slow. I was seeing my colleagues training for Hood2Coast Europe and was always comparing my pace to theirs and wondering why I’m this slow is where I realized that we cannot all have the same pace we cannot all be super fast but we can still inspire and motivate others to move with us.

So the reason why we started is that we were unable to find a running club that was for more suitable for beginner runners. Most of the teams in the area were already packed with people who are training for marathons, ultra-marathons or ironmans. We want to make it easier for people to join a running club to know that it will be fun and that we won’t leave anyone behind. We hope we can motivate as many people as possible to keep moving. Everyone is welcome and we respect everyone.

About our name… we wanted to keep it simple but still with meaning, while searching online for a lot of words Komorebi was the one that resonated the most. It means sunbeam through the leaves, which describes the beautiful scene when the light and wind flutter through the leaves and shadows dance on the ground.