Kirribilli Runners

Running with Kirribilli Runners: A Non-Competitive Social Group in Sydney

If you’re a runner in Sydney, you might be interested in joining Kirribilli Runners (KR), a free, non-competitive, social running group that welcomes runners of all abilities. Established in May 2006 by now-retired member Dave Holmes, Kirribilli Runners offers runners an opportunity to meet like-minded people, stay motivated, and explore the beautiful sights of Sydney while getting fit.

Kirribilli Runners is located in the Lower North Shore area of Sydney, on the traditional land of the Cammeraygal people. Kirribilli was probably derived from the Aboriginal word kiarabilli, which means “good fishing spot.” KR acknowledges the traditional custodians of the country on which they gather and run and their responsibility to respect and care for the country, people, and spirit.

KR is a diverse group of runners, attracting Kirribilli locals and people from all over Sydney. The group is managed by a voluntary committee of organizers, and they welcome anyone interested in getting involved with the group to develop and support their activities. If you’re looking for a fun and friendly way to get fit while exploring the beautiful sights of Sydney, read on to learn more about Kirribilli Runners.

Non-competitive and Welcoming to All Abilities

One of the key features of Kirribilli Runners is that it is a non-competitive social running group that welcomes runners of all abilities. They offer runs twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays at 6.30 pm. The group meets at the steps leading up to the Harbour Bridge pedestrian path in Milsons Point, easily accessible by public transport.

Kirribilli Runners is a social running group, which means that their runs are more focused on meeting new people, exploring the city, and having fun rather than being concerned with speed or distance. The group offers different paces and distances to cater to all abilities, so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, you will find a group that suits you.

One of the great things about Kirribilli Runners is that there’s no need to register or contact anyone to join the runs. You can turn up at the meeting point and join the group. This makes it easy for people to join and get started with the group.

Discover the Beauty of Sydney

Another great reason to join Kirribilli Runners is that they offer runners a chance to discover the beauty of Sydney. The group takes runners through some of the most scenic routes in the city, including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Running through these iconic locations is an unforgettable experience, and it’s a great way to explore the city while staying fit.

In addition to the beautiful routes, KR also offers runners a chance to discover the history and culture of the city. For example, runners can explore the traditional land of the Cammeraygal people and learn about the Aboriginal history of the area.

In A Nutshell: Meet Like-minded People and Make Friends

Finally, joining Kirribilli Runners is a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends. The group comprises a diverse range of people, from Kirribilli locals to people from all over Sydney. The social aspect of the group means that it’s easy to strike up conversations with other runners, and many people have made lasting friendships through the group.

Crosslinking to Other Running Crews in Sydney

Kirribilli Runners is also a great way to connect with other running groups. The group has links with other running crews in Sydney and often crosslinks to other running crews in the same city or country. This is a great way to explore different parts of the city and meet new people. While Kirribilli Runners is undoubtedly a fantastic crew, other running clubs and crews in Sydney, like U.R.C. or Kings Cross Track Club, are worth exploring. Here are a few options:


Kings Cross Track Club (KXTC)