Kings Cross Track Club (KXTC)

Founded in January 2015 – embracing the global run crew movement that was occurring elsewhere in the world – Kings Cross Track Club (KXTC) began with the premise of creating a group for individuals that simply enjoy running with one another. Enabling members to run in a welcoming environment that facilitates connection in an often isolated, insular sport.

Calling all speedsters, cruisers, lopers and dopers.

With the name ‘Kings Cross Track Club’, it would be easy to presume that we take ourselves overly seriously, shaving off milliseconds at the track day after day. Kings Cross is the original red-light district of Sydney and isn’t home to a single piece of demarcated polyurethane track. We meet at an intersection under a giant Coca-Cola billboard, surrounded by traffic, brothels, bars, clubs and sex stores in order to run the streets, footpaths, tracks, parks and trails around us. We run on tarmac, grass, dirt and sand. We run up hills, down hills, around obstacles, hungover, through sprinklers, from cops, between bushes, over fences, to and over iconic landmarks; in, out, up, down, rinse, repeat – ad infinitum. We are not professionals – although some of us are pretty fast – we simply run, we run together because ultimately it makes us and those around us feel good.

We run together rain or shine; as one.

We pride ourselves on our decentralized organizational structure, we are free from hierarchy, everyone is equal irrespective of gender, race, nationality, social status or occupation. We have no pace defined groups, no single leader dictating the workout for the day, no entry requirements or demands, no overarching beliefs or goals – beyond those stated above; if someone has a new route we take it.

All runs start and finish at the Coke sign, Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia, in all weather.