Jam Sil Running Club (JSRC)

‘Fun Run’, ‘No matter your pace, Enjoy!’, ‘No Run No Life’. These three slogans describe enjoyable experiences with JSRC.

Unlike other sports such as soccer and baseball, no particular skill factor is needed for running. It can be enjoyed together which is a significant part of the attraction and charm of running.

We usually run around Jamsil based on the Olympic Park, but sometimes we run all over Seoul. A regular running session is held every Friday night from 8:00 to 10:00. We start from the World Peace Gate, run along the Seongnae stream, towards the graffiti mural of the Olympic Park. It is a park course with lots of cars, recommended for runners who are not accustomed to beginners or city runs. It is about 7km round trip.

Guest attendees of the regular running session will receive a ‘crew’ invitation and given full membership after five times.

Another chapter of our crew is ‘World Run’. Members who travel overseas connect with running crews who are active in various places around the world. It started small, but as the experience of running with people from other cultures gradually grew it became a culture. Now, many members travel abroad for the purpose of running the world. Check hashtag ‘#jsrcworldrun’.

Shoe Custom. For the first marathon, overseas tournaments, and other special occasions, the crew member ‘Kixxie’ creates one of a kind running shoes. A customised running shoe with its own stories is thought to make simple running a unique experience.