Ice Cream & Donut Run Club

In 2018, Karen was musing with a friend about how many ice cream and donut shops there were in the Vancouver area. So she came up with the thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to get a bunch of friends together and run from these places and then try out the treats?” Thus was born the Ice Cream & Donut Run Club.

We aim to explore the ice creameries and donuteries around the Vancouver area.

The first run had 8 runners, what I thought was a huge success! Since that first run in July 2018, the club has grown to almost 500 members each on Strava, Instagram, and Facebook. Group runs regularly see 40-60 runners now.

It’s possibly the fastest-growing run club in Vancouver right now. We have Boston Marathoners, ultramarathoners, runners who are just starting out, and everyone in between. We have an 8k route and a 5k route at each run. The 8k group tends to go faster and the 5k group is very casual, with a no runner left behind policy.