Hills Krew

In April 2019, Renè and Patrick met for the first time with the aim of founding a new, unique trail running community in Innsbruck.

The existing running groups were all very performance-oriented, always only in small groups, often difficult to find or not open to new members. Patrick and Renè wanted to change this. HILLS should be accessible to everyone, get people enthusiastic about trail running without challenging experienced runners. A community that has fun running together with no matter what level of performance.

We are not running in pace groups but we split the crew into two groups. Group A runs around 13km and 500vm and Group B around 10km and 400vm.

From the beginning, the community was as important as running. Every Tuesday, 50 to 60 Hills Kowboys and Ballerinas meet in front of their regular cafe. In addition to running together, they organize lectures, film evenings, events, races and, of course, parties.