Introducing GRIT USA: Redefining Endurance Sports in Washington, DC

Established by Marcus in January 2020, GRIT USA emerged as a trailblazer in triathlons and endurance sports. More than just a team, GRIT USA aimed to transcend individual accomplishments and inspire those around them. As a black-owned multisport team, they aimed to foster strength through movement while advocating for sociocultural change within the sports community.

Here we are, renegades of the triathlon world.

Bridging the Gap and Redefining Boundaries

Drawing inspiration from the more significant underground movement called Bridge the Gap, GRIT USA’s design was influenced by a community of individuals who saw the urban landscape as their playground. Guided by a shared philosophy, they leveraged the city’s pavements and embraced the challenges of their urban wildlife. This mindset fueled the birth of GRIT USA and its unique approach to endurance sports.

Pushing Boundaries, Empowering Communities with GRIT USA

GRIT USA’s mission revolves around three core pillars: pushing individuals to new limits, inspiring communities, and effecting sociocultural change. One significant aspect of their vision involved establishing a team led by black coaches and race directors to create opportunities for underrepresented athletes and challenge the existing organizational culture within the sport.

Meet Marcus: The Visionary Founder

Marcus, a multidisciplinary designer, brand strategist, and endurance athlete based in Washington, DC, drives GRIT USA. Over the past seven years, he has dedicated himself to introducing newcomers to the triathlon world while fostering a welcoming community for black and minority athletes. Recognizing the lack of pathways for urban youth and adults to access collegiate and high-level programs, coaching opportunities, and clinics, Marcus aims to change the narrative and provide representation in multisport events.

Join GRIT USA for Unforgettable Workouts

GRIT USA offers an array of engaging activities for athletes of all levels. These include:

Wednesday Bricks: Every Wednesday at 6 PM EST, the team gathers at the East Potomac Golf Course parking lot for a one-hour bike ride followed by a 30-minute run. This workout allows participants to enhance their endurance and improve their transition skills.

Team Rides: On Saturdays at 8:30 AM, GRIT USA organizes challenging team rides covering a distance of 50 miles. The pace ranges from moderate to spicy, with an average speed of 21-23 mph. These rides offer an opportunity to test your limits and embrace the thrill of cycling.

Saturday Long Runs: Stay tuned for GRIT USA’s upcoming Saturday long runs, where runners will conquer distance and discover new routes in the city. This group run promises camaraderie, motivation, and a chance to explore the vibrant running scene in Washington, DC.

Running in Washington, DC: Where History Meets Adventure

As the capital of the United States, Washington, DC, offers a captivating backdrop for runners. With its iconic landmarks, including the National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, and Capitol Hill, every run becomes a historical journey. Exploring the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods like Georgetown and Dupont Circle adds charm to your workouts. The diverse terrain and well-maintained trails, such as the Capital Crescent Trail and Rock Creek Park, cater to runners of all preferences.

Thriving Running Events in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, hosts various exciting running events throughout the year. The world-renowned Marine Corps Marathon takes participants on a great course, allowing them to run past the city’s landmarks while being cheered by enthusiastic spectators. The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, held during the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms, showcases the city’s natural beauty. Additionally, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series brings the excitement of live music and a vibrant atmosphere to the streets of Washington, DC. These events attract runners worldwide, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among participants.

Exploring the Running Community in Washington, DC

In addition to GRIT USA, Washington, DC, is home to District Running Crew, a vibrant running community. The crew was established in early 2013 to fill the need for an inclusive running group in Washington, DC. With a focus on changing the perception of running, DRC promotes a positive and diverse running culture through social media and digital presence and encourages individuals to challenge themselves. They believe in the power of community, fostering a sense of belonging, and empowering individuals to surpass their limits through running.