GoldFinger Track Club (GFTC)

GoldFinger Track Club (GFTC) was founded in March 2016 in New York City by Jerry.

Our crew first started as a fun relay, but once people heard we won, everyone started asking about us. So we turned it into a real running crew but very different from any other crew because we have a lot of people who run from different parts of the world and we didn’t have meetups. We allow people to run freely and only come together when it matters most like events, races and parties.

We are a very diverse group of athletes who have different reasons for running but the same grind and focus when it comes to having an impact in our community.

GFTC is based in NYC, but we cater to our Brooklyn knights who never ran before. We like building new runners from the ground up. We love these success stories more.

We don’t care how fast we are, but we only care for being active. Some of us are elite in the running culture who are winning a lot of underground races, and some of us focus on just getting the race done.