Golden Blocks

Golden Blocks was founded September 2019 in Paris by Boro, the former top athlete Matthieu and the French legend of the 110 meter hurdles Ladji.

Golden Blocks has been involved in integration since 2014 by bringing athletics to the heart of neighbourhoods. Through “battles” of a new genre, talents are thus revealed among a population of young people recently between 8 and 16 years old. It encourages team spirit, self-confidence and of course the values ​​of sport, all in a hip hop atmosphere.

We wish to open up to a wider audience by offering once a week coaching orchestrated by Myriam and Ladji in Paris and its close suburbs. As a group, the Street Runners rediscover places full of energy. Around a team of runners from different backgrounds, street runners train to run under the DNA of the Golden Blocks composed of urban culture, lifestyle, music and sport.