Ghetto Run Crew

Since 2013 we got together in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro to occupy the streets through running. Engenhão is our official meeting point but we are all over the hoods. We are a crew of free runners; our connection with running goes beyond the fact of us being out on the street, we are the result of it.

Ghetto Run Crew believes that to transform yourself and to respect others you just need the will. We were born as Ghetto Running Girls in 2013. The aim was clear: create a space where women from our neighbourhoods could open their minds and become aware that their lives were able to be influential. And by getting together their histories, projects and running, more people would understand that process.

As more women got together the group was getting hyped, different genders and different backgrounds were showing up, so we changed the name to Ghetto Run Crew.

Respect and transformation are the pillars lifted by us. The crew promotes the occupation, exchange of experiences, interrelation of subcultures and the preservation of values, as love for the sport, for the others and for the place where we live. For us, the act of running is the quickest way to identify possibilities to change for the better, not only people but also the urban space, the environment in which we live. We are the Ghetto Run Crew and underground is our mark.

If you want to join us, just come by. There’s no need to sign up, to have a high-performance level in sports, and you don’t even need to had run a mile in your entire life.