Geelong Runners Club (G/RC)

Geelong Runners Club: A Social Running Club for All Abilities

If you’re a runner looking for a supportive, non-competitive environment to meet like-minded people, Geelong Runners Club (G/RC) might just be the running crew for you. Founded in February 2019 by Tristan and Leigh, G/RC is a social club that welcomes runners of all abilities in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Philosophy: A Super Inclusive Running Club

Geelong Runners Club’s philosophy is simple: to provide a hassle-free environment for runners to enjoy the pure pleasure of running, meet new people, and build a network of supportive friends. To that end, the club offers free membership to all runners in Geelong, regardless of their running experience. Whether you’re a beginner, a casual runner, a veteran, or an elite athlete, you’re welcome to join.

Frequent Social Runs to Attend

G/RC organizes frequent social runs that are open to all members. The runs are designed to be fun and inclusive, with a focus on building connections and fostering a sense of community. Some of the regular runs include:

– Thursday, 6:00 pm, Eastern Beach Carpark Geelong Waterfront
– Saturday, 8:00 am, Balyang Sanctuary Parkrun

By attending these runs, runners can get to know each other better, share their love of running, and explore some of the best running routes in Geelong.

Acknowledging the Traditional Owners of the Land

G/RC recognizes and pays respect to the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation, the Traditional Owners of the land where they run. This acknowledgement is a meaningful way to show appreciation for the land, its history, and its people.

The Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation are the Traditional Owners of the land where the city of Geelong is located. They have lived in the area for thousands of years, with their rich culture and traditions deeply embedded in the land. The Wadawurrung people have a deep connection to the land, which is evident in their stories, ceremonies, and artwork. Today, the Wadawurrung people continue to maintain their cultural heritage and connection to their traditional lands, while also sharing their knowledge and traditions with the wider community. Their acknowledgement by the Geelong Runners Club is a meaningful way to recognize and respect their ongoing custodianship of the land.

It’s About Running, Not Profit

Geelong Runners Club is a running club that’s all about the joy of running, not making a profit. The club is run by volunteers, and all crew members are welcome to provide ideas and input to help shape the club’s activities and events. The club also promotes and follows COVID-safe practices, so members can feel safe and comfortable while running together.

Running in Geelong: A City with Stunning Running Routes

Geelong is a fantastic destination for runners looking for beautiful and varied routes to explore. Located on the coast of Victoria, the city offers stunning views of the ocean and plenty of opportunities for seaside runs. One of the most popular routes in Geelong is the Waterfront, a 3km stretch that takes runners along the shore, past piers and marinas, and through parks and gardens.

Balyang Sanctuary

For those who prefer running in nature, there are plenty of parks and reserves in and around Geelong that offer great running trails. Balyang Sanctuary, for example, is a beautiful park with a wetland and lake that is home to many species of birds and other wildlife. The park offers a 2.5km trail that takes runners through forests, across bridges, and around the lake.

Barwon River

Another popular running destination in Geelong is the Barwon River. The river runs through the heart of the city and offers a scenic route that takes runners past historical sites, parks, and gardens. The river also has several walking and cycling paths that are perfect for runners who want to enjoy a longer, more challenging route.

You Yangs Regional Park

For runners who prefer off-road trails, the You Yangs Regional Park is a must-visit destination. Located just outside of Geelong, the park offers a range of trails that are perfect for trail runners of all levels. The park has well-marked trails that take runners through forests, over hills, and around rock formations. The park also offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and is a great destination for runners who want to experience nature and challenge themselves.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, Geelong offers a wide range of running routes that cater to all levels and preferences. With its stunning coastal views, picturesque parks and gardens, and challenging off-road trails, Geelong is a destination that is sure to inspire and motivate runners of all levels.

Running Events in Geelong

Geelong is a city that is no stranger to running events. There are many exciting events that take place throughout the year that offer a chance for runners to challenge themselves and enjoy the beautiful scenery in and around the city. The Geelong Half Marathon is one of the biggest events, with runners from all over Australia and the world participating. Other popular events include Run Geelong, the Bellarine Rail Trail Run, and the Great Ocean Road Running Festival. These events are great opportunities for runners to come together and share their passion for running with the local community.

No matter which running crew you choose to join, running is a wonderful way to explore new places, meet new people, and stay healthy and active. So why not lace up your shoes and join a running crew today?